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Bill Kuhn

Working with Jerry Morin and his music to produce the visuals for these songs has changed my life. I’ve had the honor of going to Medjugorje and other locations to take pictures and video. What I didn’t expect was to have my own personal experience with God. I absolutely know that God is unconditional love and he gives that love to all of us freely. My hope is that you feel this in these productions. I was asked to ‘surrender’ to this love and I can tell you that if you do the same, amazing things will happen in your life.

Thank you,
Bill Kuhn-Iowa,USA


Bob Ott

My trip to Medjugorje is 1985 changed by life forever! At the age of 34 I had no real devotion to Our Lady and my life was quite worldly…..yet when I first heard that Our Lady might be speaking to young children over in a small town called, Medjugorje, I had this burning desire inside that I had to go.

I could never thank Our Lady enough for touching my heart and calling me back to her SON. Although the signs (sun spinning) were extraordinary, the most powerful sign for me was the tremendously strong faith and devotion of the people in the village that touched my heart the most. I will never forget my trip back to the US…. I knew something changed within me and that I was now going to start to lead a different life. That same joy, that burning desire to draw closer to Jesus and Mary has never left me even through the many difficult years of raising a family with 5 children.

The center of my life today is now the MASS and has been for many years. It’s the greatest of all gifts that any human being could ever ask for on this earth. Since my first trip to Medjugorje, we have prayed the rosary as a family, for over 20 years. As I look back, my experience in Medjugorje was unquestionably a spiritual turning point in my life, and the rosary has proven to us to be a powerful weapon of protection and strength that has truly helped to guide our family especially through tough times. We have seen tremendous fruits and heavenly gifts come out of those who were called to Medjugorje and one of them is the powerful music from the “To the World” album. It has greatly touched my heart and the hearts of all those who hear it. Our Lady, Queen of Peace is calling us, to please let HIM in………that is my prayer for all!

Bob Ott- Texas, USA


Vicki Martin

Approximately 33 years ago, I decided that I no longer needed to live my faith and I walked away!  In December, 1999, for some reason, I recalled my mother’s deep devotion to Our Lady and the Most Holy Rosary.  I recalled how my Mom shared with me, in the late 1980’s, what she had read in a magazine about events in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia. I remember her words, “DO you realize the Mother of God is appearing to children in that village?” I remember replying,”Oh that is just nonsense, Mom!” My mother died in April, 1992. On that December day,1999, I had noticed a deep emptiness in my heart.  I am a hospice nurse and attributed the feeling to being drained at work!  I was prompted to get on the net and entered “apparitions in Medjugorje” and a site came up – the Medjugorje Web. I checked the listing of Marian organizations in Iowa and discovered “Respond Ministry” and Jerry Morin in Des Moines. Wow! I had known Jerry from the early 1970’s! It was through being introduced to the TO THE WORLD music collection, that my heart and mind were opened to accept the love of Our Lady as she showed me the way back to Her Son. I was brought to unceasing tears and to my knees, when I would listen to the song “THE SERVANT” and the song “AT THE CROSS”.I attended a To the World Concert in early April of 2000. It was announced at that concert that a pilgrimage to Medjugorje would be occurring in September, 2000! There was a burning in my heart when I heard that and I couldn’t sleep that night. I told a friend, who had attended the concert with me that I felt I was being called to go to Medjugorje! I wondered how I could possibly do it financially but remember saying, “If Our Lady really wants me to go, I will find the way.”
 I returned to the Catholic Church during Holy Week, 2000.I was passing by St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, on my way home from work on the Tuesday before Holy Thursday and felt pulled to go into the church. There, I discovered that there was a communal penance service about to start. I remember saying to myself,” What am I doing here?” I hadn’t been to confession in over 25 years! Well that long dry spell came to an end that night, as I went to confession and heard the priest say “WELCOME BACK!” I received the Eucharist for the first time in over 25 years, on Holy Thursday.  I knew then what I had been missing all those years – Our Lady and Her Son!

My father, who was a fallen away Catholic, became very ill in 2001, and was hospitalized. He was extremely restless and unsettled. I encouraged him to listen to the To the World music collection. And he did. He asked me to help him remember how to pray the Rosary and he asked to see a priest. In August of 2001, my Dad was welcomed back to the Church. He died in August of 2005. He had 4 years of experiencing Our Lady’s love and gentle guidance back to Her Son and he witnessed his Rosary links turn gold!
I have been fortunate to be able to go to Medjugorje twice. I am in awe when I think of the graces that have been given to me and my family in the past 10 years. I continue to work as a hospice nurse and am reminded every day, just how precious life is. I am reminded of the importance of faith. I am reminded of the importance of recognizing Our Lady as the Mother of all! I am reminded of what a blessing, a privilege it is to serve Jesus through Mary.  I thank Servants to the World Mission for providing a way to share my witness to the world. I also thank Our Lady for without Her intercession, I do not know where I would be today. And to Jerry Morin, Thank you for saying Yes and responding to the Call.

Vicki Martin- Iowa, USA

Len Felder

In 1998 I received a calling to go to Medjugorje. While there, my wife and I experienced a profound conversion experience and witnessed many unexpected, seemingly mystical and deeply personal events. The thing that impressed me most was the deep reverence I felt for the sacraments. One day after praying and entering confession, I had a personal calling to my mind. The assignment came in the form of the words “Save My Lambs.” I revealed this to several priests in Medjugorje and was guided to pray for my calling to be clear. After a short interval of time back in the states, I was led to a small suburb of Toledo, Ohio where I discerned my mission. I was to discover a shrine in Toledo dedicated to saving babies. I knew in my heart this was what Our Lady wanted for me; to “save the lambs.” I was asked to join the management team where I helped organize Our Lady gave me the grace in helping to develop the shrine into a non-profit corporation where I served as president for several years. “Say Yes to the Great Gift of Life.” is a song from the To The World music that is used a great deal at the shrine in witnessing for the unborn.

As a fruit of Medjugorje, I join as a servant in this mission in the belief that Our Lady and Our Lord can do mighty things if we surrender to Them.

Yolanda Carrera

Today I fell in love with Our Lady, especially with the music and message versions of At The Cross. Today, being Easter Sunday, was a blessing for me to receive this from you, and i sincerely Thank you…. I let Our Lady let me hear what she wants me to know in my heart.  The beauty of Medjugorje has me enveloped.
I wish to be a servant and I am at her dispense in any way that I can.
May God in heaven bless you for thinking of me and presenting me a way to serve in her mission To The World.

Yolanda Carrera-Houston, Texas, USA

Jane Adducci

Having seen and heard Jerry and Gina Morin often in concerts at my parish and throughout Illinois, I cannot begin to explain how much their songs have inspired me.  I have always been a cradle Catholic, but I believe the messages from Medjugorje and the witness of all that have traveled there have truly sparked my faith. Unexplainable events have happened to me and one led me to my present pro-life position at Illinois Citizens For Life after doing a novena to St. Therese, the Little Flower.  She answered me with roses, as folding pamphlets with roses on them was my first assignment there. I believe in the messages of Medjugorje and the new mission that Jerry’s been given.  I pray that all will be touched by these videos.

Jane Adducci- Illinois, USA

Jerry Morin

It is incredibly humbling to be called as a servant. We are all called to be a light.

This mission will encompass many servants with special ministries, gifts, talents, vocations and personal calls of their own. This site is to serve as a conduit to the world of numerous “fruits” and testimonies of faith. The purpose for this section of the website is to unite all of Our Lady’s children so they may give witness together as one voice. This is Our Lady’s request and my directive as a servant. Please pray that you may comprehend this fact.

Jerry Morin- Missouri, USA

Lena Shipley

On my first pilgrimage to Medjugorje, I, too, was called to take up Our Lady’s mission.  At that time, I was an accountant.  I was told by a man making rosaries under a tarp near St. James Church that I would one day be a “teacher of the faith”.  On that trip, I was astounded by a phenomenon that occurred with a crucifix ring that I was wearing .  It literally changed shape – from round to heart-shaped.  I began to receive regular locutions which lasted over a decade.  Heaven literally overwhelmed me with ‘hearts’.  I have been back twice.  The locutions have ceased – the heart-signs continue.  Today, I am a Pastoral Associate – teaching the faith – as I had been told.  I am on the Board of Directors for the Queen of Peace Apostolate writing commentaries on all of Our Lady’s monthly messages.   I am committed to being Jesus’ “little heart” in my world and leading others to the hearts of Jesus and Mary.  It has been more than 20 years since I first met Jerry Morin at one of our Marian Conferences in Rochester, NY.  Our Lady told me that one day our missions would connect.  Jerry randomly contacted me last month…and here we are…’Servants to the World’…

Lena Shipley- New York, USA

Deacon Joe Cortese

Going to one of Jerry Morin’s concerts in 1990 was a life-changing experience.  Before then, my wife and I went through the motions of practicing our faith, but we simply found it impossible to accept many of the core teachiings of the Catholic Church.  Because of the overwhelming sense of God’s grace and consolation present throughout Jerry’s concert, we knew right away our lives would never be the same.  For the first time ever, we heard Our Lady’s call to surrender to Jesus and we immediately wanted to respond to her call.  We were finally able to open our hearts to allow Jesus to become the center of our lives and we were soon fully reconciled with the Church.  We went to Medjugorje in 1991, a year after going to Jerry’s concert.  While we were in Medjugorge, my wife and I came to the realization I was called to become a Deacon.  In 1992, we were involved with the Des Moines Marian Conference that saw 9,000 people from all over the U.S. come together to worship Jesus and honor His mother.  In 1993, my wife and I entered Diacaonate Formation for the Diocese of Des Moines and I was ordained in 1997.  None of this would have happened if we hadn’t gone to Jerry’s concert in 1990.  Through the years, we have kept in contact with Jerry as he has helped Our Lady’s call be heard by many thousands of people throughout the entire United States.  Now, with Servants to the World, Jerry is leading the way to next level of spreading Our Lady’s call, so even more people can be led by her to Jesus.  We are witnessing the beginning of something that will eventually have a profound effect far beyond anything we can imagine.  I urge everyone to join with Servants to World in responding to Our Lady’s call.

Deacon Joe Cortese- Iowa, USA

Fr. Scott Lemaster

Jerry asked me to tell how Our Lady has worked in my life and in my priesthood. As I thought about that question, it occured to me that, when I was with some of my friends from junior high and high school, they told me that I talked about being a priest from early youth. I don’t remember that. What I do remember is the visit of the pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima to my home parish when I was about sixteen years old. The story of Our Lady of Fatima, and the book that I read about her, written by Mr. William T. Walsh, changed my life. That night, looking at the beautiful image of the Lady, I felt as if She might almost reach out and touch me. She did, actually, I just didn’t know it. Later on that year, I read that that same statue, now in New Orleans, was shedding tears. It was the grace and faithfulness of Our Lady, through many years, that led to my ordination to the sacred Priesthood. She Who is ‘full of Grace’ is always faithful. Imagine, how touched I was when Jerry and Regina came to my first parish with their music and message – the last song with the last image showed a picture of the Lady of Fatima, weeping. Let us do all we can, with our prayers, sacrifices, and with our love of one another, to dry the tears of Jesus and Mary.

Fr. Scott, Iowa-USA

Tammy Palubicki

I am a Catholic convert and was active in attending Marian conferences in the 90’s and made a trip to Medjugorje in 1996.  My husband and I received a phone message from Jerry Morin, a couple of months ago, and the memories came flooding back of those times.  In the last years I had gotten away from praying the rosary and became more concerned on worldly things and activities.  This past Fall there was a call to pray the rosary for the election and it struck me that I should do that.  It was further confirmed when one morning I heard a female interior voice say, “Pray my prayers.”  I knew in an instant that it was Mary.  In the past I had prayed the rosary daily and made rosaries, so this started my thoughts flowing.  As I began praying the rosary on a daily basis, I felt I needed to start making rosaries again, but it was even a stonger urge than I had in the past.  It became a need, a passion, a ministry.  I felt in my heart that I needed to get the importance of the rosary out and the need to pray.  The thoughts came to connect a color of a rosary for an intention, so Remember Rosaries was created.  I now have a website and I make and sell rosaries to help non-profit Catholic ministies and religious orders.  I feel this is my calling to be a servant to our Lord and his Blessed Mother.  So pray the rosary!

Tammy Palubicki- Minnesota, USA

Beverley Ann and Terry Price

My name is Beverley Ann Price.  In 1989 my husband brought home a video by Leon Le Grand talking about a conversion experience he had in Medjugorje.  I didnt want to watch this, but I felt compelled and after watching Leons testimony on Medjugorje, in Bosnia Hercagovinia. and Our Blessed Mother Mary Queen of Peace appearing, I felt a deep call, I knew I had to take my family, to visit this far away place.    In 1989 my husband,  two sons and myself  travelled to Medj and spent Christmas there.  I fell in love with Mary Queen of Peace the Gospa.. and since that Christmas in 1989, we have seen Gods hand and plan move through our life.  He has been there in our tough times, our suffering, our joys , and sickness,our unemployment, our betrayal  and I thank the Heavenly Father each day for the Blessing of our Blessed Mother. As all these obstacles we past through with the hand of Mary guiding us to her son. I started a prayer group, in 1990. and began trying to live the messages that Mary taught us. She linked my husband and I with many people throughout the world and  world wide prayer groups was formed.
We started on the path of evangalisation for the Gospa and Medjugorje, and it has been the most exciting ride.  I have met so many incredible people , milliionaires.. Priests.. people from all walks of life and all countries, who have felt this same call, to change their lives turn away from sin and  follow this call of  God. The Lord continues to open doors,, I could not humanly open.  We heard Jerry Morin’s song and music. and it touched us so deeply.  The Lady is calling , ,, I play Jerry’s music  always at our home masses and it continues to touch others even after 20 years. There is a wonderful wind blowing, a wind of gentleness , love,, comfort, wisdom a wind of the Holy Spirit blowing where He will.  No one could connect as the Holy Spirit does and Our Blessed Mother.. She has united the world and put the love of Her son Jesus Christ of Nazareth in our hearts. Yes she is calling, calling us from all parts of the world. Joining us in heart and its the most beautiful party I have ever attended.   Mir Mir Mir…  Peace Peace Peace Beverley Ann Price

“My wife Beverley and sons spent Christmas 1989 in Medjugorje where we met Joe McNamara from Chicago.  Joe compiled a booklet on Prayer Groups titled ‘Medjugorje the Sunset and the need for Prayer Groups’, approved by Fr Slavko, published in America. Joe asked my help to get it translated into other languages.  I am no linguist so I said to the Blessed Mother “If you want me to help, you find the translators’.  The first translator was a Catholic student from Indonesia, who translated and typed it into Bahasa Indonesian.  I was led to Bishop Vitalis of Bali who printed it, gave it his Imprimatur and personally distributed copies; he had been to Medjugorje in July 1989 and was present during an apparition to the visionaries!   Following this Joe, Dr Art Nestved (USA, who arranged the Spanish translation) and myself founded ‘Worldwide Prayer Groups’. Over the 1990’s Our Blessed Mother provided me with translators and this booklet was published in Chinese Mandarin, Tagalog (Philippines) Indian (Telegu, Tamil), Ibo (Nigeria) languages .  The Philippine translation was printed and distributed just prior to Ivan’s visit to the Philippines. Joe sent us the audiotape on ‘To the World’ by Jerry Morin which we played regularly for our prayer group meetings and celebrations of the anniversary of the apparitions in Medjugorje both here at our home in Melbourne, Australia, and also in Papua New Guinea.  Prayer Groups are one of the fruits of Medjugorje and Our Blessed Mother has initiated and encouraged their formation.  I fully support Jerry’ Morin’s music and mission -Servants to the World”- Prof. T.V. Price

 Beverley and Terry Price- Australia



June Klins

 I read about Servants to the World in “Medjugorje Magazine” and immediately felt called to join. I have been on fire for the messages of Medjugorje since my first pilgrimage to Medjugorje in 1998. In 1998 I wrote up my testimony from my pilgrimage for a monthly newsletter called “The Spirit of Medjugorje.”  In 2002, after the editor suffered a memory loss due to a heart attack, I fell into the editorship of this publication. In the 22 years of publishing we have never charged anyone. Our Lady always provides!  In March 2006, Michael K. Jones of generously offered to put our newsletters online, so they are now available to read each month at  In 2004 I published a “beginner’s guide” to Medjugorje for people who know little or nothing about Medjugorje. This is also available on our website.  In 2005 I published a book called, The Best of “The Spirit of Medjugorje,” Volume I, which is a compilation of the best articles from the first 10 years of our newsletter. It encompasses basic information about Medjugorje, interviews with the visionaries, personal testimonies of conversions and advice on how to live the messages.  In 2007, I published Volume II, which covers the next 7 years.   On Pentecost of 2008, which was also Mothers’ Day, while praying in our beautiful Perpetual Adoration chapel in Erie, PA, where I live, I felt the call to publish another newsletter called “The Spirit of Adoration”  to inspire and instruct about the Real Presence and Adoration. The first issue was published in July of 2008, and is available for downloading and printing at . The Medjugorje newsletter keeps me extremely busy with all the mail, email and phone calls I receive, so I have been unable to work on a second issue until this summer, when I am on vacation from my “paying” job as a math teacher. I think Our Lady believes the saying “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.”  I love every minute of it though!  Life is NEVER dull when you work for Our Lady!

 June Klins- Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

Johannes Dittrich

Hello dear all,

I am Johannes from Germany, 61, married, an adopted son and one grandson.  I startet pilgrimages to Medjugorje in 1989, because i wanted to pray for Clemens, my brother who was paralysed from a car accident. I came to Medjugorje in Oktober 1989, and when i left  in my car i suddenly had the feeling of St. Marys presence. It was amazing and i do not find words to discribe this moment. But i felt her around and inside. she gave an unspoken message to my heart as “have no fear”. I think to have no fear is so essential for all of us. And for me it meant no fear concerning my brother and moreover no fear concerning everything. So i had a new sight of things and startet changing my spiritual life. In Oktober i will be there to my personal  20. aniversary and it could be the 20. trip as well, i do not know this exactly. From an Internet international prayer group i know so many devoted people meanwhile and together we are strengthening each other by sharing experences and news about our Lady St. Mary.

May God bless you all and that we may grow in faith and learning more and more God´s open heart and open arms to an everlasting life in God.

Johannes Dittrich- Germany

Franz Golais

I´m a German born and living in Slovakia. I´ve never been to Medjugorje, my first contact with Medjugorje was rather different as perhaps compared to others. I had only remote knowledge of Marian apparitions and I paid to them only superficial attention.It was beginning of summer in 2000. I was strongly opressed, as for my research work. I couldn´t publish my results, my applications for grant were permanently rejected, so I was without money and needed a PC. I prayed rosaries with the intention to find some money and I succeeded. To test my internet connection, the first web site I chose was The message of May 25 was “Pray… that the Holy Spirit may come to dwell in you” followed by June 25 message “The one who prays is not afraid of future”  It was sth like an impetus to continue our work.What about this work? We investigated some cells latently infected with some herpes viruses.Soluble extracts from these cells, when added to other cells changed their appearance. An interesting effect was observed in tumor cells, they could be converted towards the normal ones.We were succcessfull to obtain and partially purify new growth factors. We expected admiration, joy and support, however, the opposite was true! Instead of support we encountered a lot of hatred, jealousy and envy. The research in our country is controlled by Mason-like structures deciding who can publish and who can get grant, primarily they, of course. Our work has been completely rejected and ridiculed. My PhD student, working in an unpleasant atmosphere of ridicule and without any grant support could not make progress and was forced to give his notice and our whole research team desintegrated. Since 2002 I´m without laboratory without any chance to continue ar to start anew elsewhere. I.m afraid I will be forced to retire prematurely, I´m 60 next year. I was 38 when I discovered a new class of growth factors.This is my testimony

Franz (Frank) Golais



Debbie Womack

I often would sit in the church while my daughter was at volleyball practice (in the 80s)… the priest would lock the church doors and not even enter to pay a visit … so i’d sit in the locked church with the Lord, expressing my love for Him. When you fall in love with someone, you want to know everything about them and for them to know about you. I couldn’t get enough of Him and would spend hours getting to know Him!  On one particular evening, I heard the still, small voice resound through my entire being… He said, “I’d like you to do something for Me.” I was overjoyed and eager, telling Him that I would do anything for Him. It seemed so natural to me that He spoke. And when He did, I knew immediately that our relationship had gone to a whole new level, because when one says this to another, things are SERIOUS between them!  He said… “I’d like you to meet My Mother ~”

And my journey with The Mother began at that moment and has only intensified, particularly after making my Total Consecration. I believe the reason I was born was to spread Our Lady’s Message and am so grateful to the Lord for allowing me to serve Him by serving Her ~

In doing so, I started a Marian center and organized many conferences. When I first heard Jerry’s music, I knew it was anointed and a gift from Our Lady. Jerry sang and ministered not only at some of the conferences, but we also brought him to the archdiocese I was living in to perform many times. The grace of conversion was always present when he took the stage or podium. The Servant  is one that is near and dear to my heart. For those who have ears and hearts open to hear… it will be the same. God bless you, Jerry and thanks be to God and Our Mother for your fiat!

Ave Maria!!

Andrea Davis

I haven’t been to Medjugorie but would love to go some day. I was drawn to Mary in a very compelling way through different individuals crossing my path throughout my life who represented her calling. Jerry is one of them. There is an urgency his testimony introduced that struck a note. I also had Mary appear to me in a dream. Her message in the dream was exactly the same as that of Our Lady of Medjugorie: repentance, conversion, prayer, and love for Jesus and the whole world.


Patty Erusha

I am an ‘at home mom’ in Iowa and have never been to Medjugorje, but I stay informed by reading Medjugorje Magazine. 

I was drawn to Jerry Morin’s story in the magazine because of the connection to Des Moines and St. Theresa’s Parish which I attended as a child.   

In one of Jerry’s recent email messages, he suggested we read the book “Visions of the Children”.  As I read it again, after several years, I am amazed at how much I had forgotten.  I also seem to be talking about it all the time to anyone who will listen. 

Before I had children, my career was computer management at the Department of Justice.  This was at a time when the entire office was converting from typewriters to computers.  My mission was to make computers easy to use and productive.  Little did I know that being a ‘change agent’ in information technology would later serve a purpose for me to help fuel His worldwide renewal of faith on earth.  I learned to serve.  I helped people move through their fears, mistrust, and rejection of changing the way they went about their work.  I did not write the software or build the hardware.  I simply made it user-friendly and productive.

Now I try to help people in the same way with their faith lives. Obviously, I didn’t write the Bible or Catechism, but I try to help others find them user-friendly so that they continue to grow closer to God.  I feel called to encourage others to not fear, mistrust or reject what God is offering His people. Before, it was conversion to computers, now it is conversion to God and all He has to offer us, which is EVERYTHING.  So I am willing and thankful to serve, and God does the rest.  I hope to go to Medjugorje next year and take my 13 year old daughter. 

Patty Erusha- Iowa

John Christenson

If it is okay, I am going to give you a link to the personal testimony I have been continually giving on Thy Daily Bread, a Catholic Forum I created the night before I left to go to Medjugorje on my 2cd pilgrimage.. I am not done sharing, and so this thread is continual and incomplete.. Guess you could say I’m a bit long winded.. LOL..

I began a journey of conversion on May 13th, 2004 as a result of others praying for my conversion, including my former land lady Florence who had recently been in Medjugorje.. So when Our Lady says, “what I began in Fatima I will accomplish through Medjugorje” though She wasn’t speaking solely to me or directly to me but to the entire world, Her words do take on a very special personal meaning for me..

Here is a link to my testimony: 


Lorianne Potvin

It is an unknown but exciting time we are in. These last few months I have been drawn back towards Medjugorje in a big way, knowing He no longer wants me to sit back on the sidelines but to actively participate in plans He has – though I am still praying and discerning what they are – but I do know that I am being called to be involved in your Servants to the world, cause just like He crossed our paths 15 years ago after my conversion and I watched your Video.

And when I read our Lady’s latest message I thought of you and your mission of Servants to the world and the call to witness. I also felt what a wonderful reassurance Our Lady was giving you and all those who are giving their Yes, who I know must come up against the evil one and problems and I am sure plenty of Desert & doubt,but here our Mother is not content to remain at our side but rather wanting to give us all the love, closeness & protection of a mother she will “Carry you” and will take us Herself to her “Son Jesus, and He will be our strength and support” for how can He refuse His Mother. And also your call to witness She is asking for in Her Message.

It was placed in my heart to offer my prayers, Masses, Communions, Holy Hours, fasting and Penances for Her servants…so tonight I am saying yes to Her, and giving my committement this mission.

I am so overwhelmed by the Sacred Heart and His Mother asking me for help after I was weak and turned my back on them a few years ago. And I am also grateful that as I started this journey They crossed my path with you and your witness in your Video that brought me to tears 15 years ago and continues to fill me with encouragement and grace to this day (I watched it yesterday and the same wonderful effects were there – especially the joyful part after your confession for once again now that I have once again emptied my life out for them and committed myself to be a servant for them – the joy and peace filling my heart and soul is something I haven’t experienced for a long time)

God Bless and again thanks for all you do, I am one person who has been the recipient of Grace through your Yes to Our Lady.

May our Lady keep you close to Her Immaculate Heart wrapped tightly in Her Mantle of Love


Janice Detherage


In the mid 80’s I ran across a small ad in the Readers Digest magazine about Our Lady appearing in the small village of Medjugorje in Yugoslavia.  I sent off for information and my journey began.  I read everything I could find about Our Lady’s appearances and messages.  I have attended many Medjugorje conferences over the years and it is at one of the Notre Dame conferences where I first saw Jerry Morin.  I was experiencing some very painful times in my life, the most painful being my special needs daughter.  It is so hard for a parent to stand by helplessly while their child suffers.  Jerry’s music ministered to my soul.  I literally wore out several of the cassette tapes. 

In August 1993 I had the great privilege of traveling to Medjugorje.  The war was going on at that time which was a bit unnerving.  A small group of us spent the night on Mt. Krizevac on the 14th.  We awoke to a beautiful sunrise on August 15th, Feast of the Assumption of Our Blessed Mother into Heaven.  Some of us were renewing our Total Consecration.  I was not only renewing my Total Consecration, but I was consecrating my special needs daughter to Our Lady for the very first time using the 33 day formula of St. Louis Marie deMontfort.  It was very emotional and memorable for me.   

 I have wondered over the years how Jerry and his family were doing.  The last time I had seen him and Regina was at a Notre Dame conference when their little girl, Mary, was about two years old.  It was wonderful to read about Jerry and his beautiful family in the current issue of Medjugorje Magazine.  Upon reading about his new call and the Servants to the World Mission, I knew I wanted to be part of this mission if it was God’s will.  I don’t have much to offer, but I give all I have.  To Jesus through Mary- Totus tuus.   

Janice Detherage, slave of Jesus and Mary

Sandi Rothwell

In 1994 I went to Medjugorje on my first religious pilgrimage. I had no idea of what to expect; I was a convert of 21 years and didn’t even know what I didn’t know. My personal miracles in Medjugorje were profund and life-changing. First through an unusal event at Mass, I received the grace to believe, understand and fall head over heals in love with Jesus in the Eucharist. Second, I fell in love with the Church. Suddenly faith, teachings, “obedience”, and the richness of all the Church had to offer became very important to me. Thirdly, I fell in love with our Lady and gave myself to her completely. The call to be a servant has changed over the years but the desire to serve is still strong and the song being sung in my heart now is a renewal, a deeping and a new invitation to follow. I am profoundly greatful for Jerry’s yes and how the Holy Spirit is ministering and directing each of us through his calling.

Sandi Rothwell- Kentucky, USA

Sister Kimberly Prohaska

I am grateful to our Lady and to the miracles that occured in Medjugorje. I also know that it was at the time of the apparitions that I felt a re-awakening to a possible religious call.  After learning about Medjugorje I was heart struck. I found myself attending mass with greater fervor and praying the roasry like never before. My Catholic identity was being claimed and I still have a loving devotion to Our Lady and how she always points to her beloved Son, Jesus.  Since learning about Medjugorje, I have become a religious and I had the blessing of friends visit Medjugorje only to have their lives impacted by God in profound ways. Medjugorje may not be much to some but it will always hold much for me.

Marilynn Lambert

In September 2006 I was preparing to go to Medjugorje for my third visit. It was a time that seemed many of us were preparing to go back. For me it was a renewal of peace I had always received, a peace deep within that was hard to explain to people that had never been there. A time I seemed to want to be closer to Our Lady. This was the 25th Anniversary of Our Lady’s Apparitions I wanted to be a part of it in some small way.

But before I went, one day in August in fact August 15, 2006 the feast of Assumption I was taking a friend home from our volunteer job at The Marian Center. We were talking about meeting at Church for Mass for the holyday. In a split moment a horrible accident occurred. We heard screeching and then saw a truck airborne coming right at us. When I awoke in the hospital with cuts to my head on the left side and learned my left arm went thru the side window and had been severed off below the elbow only to find the rest of my arm was broken in three places and the elbow shattered. So the specialists had to amputate above the elbow. But even finding out these facts, I awoke with such peace; no anger, no animosity towards anyone. A peace and calmness that’s hard to explain but I was filled with the love of God. That’s when I knew something supernatural had taken place. I was only in the hospital 1 ½ days. I was alert and able to get up and walk around.  That in itself was a miracle. I knew God had something for me to do for Him.

I was told the Airlines would reimburse me but I knew I was being called to Medjugorje. I felt I had received many graces while there.  I knew not to try to climb either mountain so in prayer one day in St. James I prayed and asked Our Lady if she would intercede for me to her Son. I said to her, I can handle the loss of my arm but the Meniere’s disease I have, makes me so dizzy I can’t stand up. I was afraid if I fell on the rest of my arm, I could ruin the chance of wearing a prosthesis.

Our Lady heard my prayer and granted my request and I have not had a spell in almost four years nor taken any medication.

Up until a few weeks ago I had not met Jerry Morin nor heard him sing in person but I listen to his music. It places me in Medjugorje with the peace I have come to know.  I read his story last year in Medjugorje Magazine and about his mission, Servants to the World. I am genuinely grateful that God spared my life. This just might be what God and Our Lady have been preparing me for, to be a Servant.

Marilynn Lambert- Kentucky, USA



Sue Young

In 1994 I was a free wheeling non- denominational charistmatic and, being part of a church full of fallen away Catholics, one of those who believed that Catholics needed to be saved. I was home from Florida, visiting Louisville, and stopped by a little Catholic  religious shop, run by all volunteers,  to visit my sister-in-law.  As  I entered, I was actually horrified at what I considered cult items, statues, medals, and strange books on a far away place where they said the Mother of God was appearing. This turned out to be The Louisville Marian Center that was founded to promote Medjugorje. I quickly left, but for some inexplicable reason, I purchased a book which turned out to be the door to truth for me.

This book contained messages from the Blessed Mother and I knew immediately they reflected the very heart of God. I knew she was real and a messenger for these times.  I read more on the Catholic faith, was intrigued, and went to Medjugorje a few months later.  There I saw and experienced the true, universal Catholic Church, at its best: unified, practicing the sacraments with holy reverence and love.

     I moved home to Louisville, converted and am now serving at The Marian Center, along with many others.  Such is the power  of Our Lady to bring us, through Jesus, home to the Father’s heart.  Many at The Marian Center have  been drawn to service through experiencing  God’s love and mercy through Our Lady teaching us what is important and making the grace available to experience peace and joy through that truth.  The journey to God’s heart, thorugh Our Lady, has been one that is that treasure worth selling every for, and it just gets better and better.

Sue Young- Kentucky, USA


Vicki Hainline

I’ve been hearing about and learning about Our Lady of Medjugorje since the early nineties because of a close friend’s wonderful experience of being called by Our Lady to go to Medjugorje and receive her graces.  Since then, I’ve also had a devotion to her.   In these past few years I’ve become involved with the Marian Center which has given me an even stronger devotion.  I’ve never made the trip to Medjugorje, but if it’s God’s will, I hope at some point I will be able to.  I’ve seen and heard how hearts have been changed by the experience of Medjugorje and I truly believe in what takes place there.   

Vicki Hainline- Louisville, Kentucky USA

Donna Phillips

I believed in Medjugorje the very first time I heard about it in 1989.  However, I never wanted to go there.  I had a tremendous fear of flying.  I asked the Blessed Mother to please don’t ever ask me to go to Medjugorje.  In June 1993, I was at work and suddenly a strong thought came to me: “I need to get to Medjugorje. I need the graces being given out there.”  I continued working and throughout the day the thought came again 4 times.  By the time I got home I knew I needed to go to Medjugorje.  My husband and I were struggling financially.  I called a friend and asked her to pray that somehow my husband would agree to take out a loan so I could go.  However, within 3 days, someone anonymously paid my way.  I still had to deal with my fear of flying.  Within 3 days, the total fear of flying was taken away.

The war in Bosnia was still going strong in the summer of 1993.  I am the world’s biggest chicken!  Now I really didn’t want to go!  I couldn’t sleep one night, so I got my Bible and asked God to give me a reading that would make me peaceful.  I opened the Bible, and whatever I put my hand on would be what I would read.  When I opened my eyes, I couldn’t believe what I read! It was Isaiah 55. The title is “An Invitation to Grace”. It described my trip in the very sequence it was going to take.  It said: “You who have no money, come to the waters.  For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways.”  With the war going on my way was to run, run!  God was saying come, come.  Then it described my trip home: “Yes, in joy you shall depart, in peace you shall be brought back.” The real confirmation came when we were told that we would not be spending a day and night in Rome as planned, but instead, we would be spending a day and night in Vienna, Austria. I was thrilled because my number one favorite movie is “The Sound of Music”. I always wanted to see the hillsides of Austria! The next sentence said: “Mountains and hills shall break out in song before you.” I got goose bumps! Now I had a written invitation! I told God that I was more afraid to say no to Him than to go through a war zone.  If God was calling me over there to die, then so be it! I have no doubt that the graces that I received in Medjugorje were for my life now. I was always a nervous person with lots of fears. I have been blessed with a very peaceful life, very much aware of God’s presence in my daily life. My family, friends and even I am amazed the fears that I lived with for so long are gone! Praise be to God! Thank you Our Lady of Medjugorje!  

Donna Phillips- Kentucky, USA

Judy Ellsbury

I went to Medjugorje in 2000. Ten years later I am still feeling the effects of that pilgrimage. Over the years, through the intercession of our Blessed Mother, My family has received many graces from her Son, our Lord Jesus.  Things that would never have taken place without the intercession of Mary, Queen of heaven and earth. I am forever grateful to Blessed Mother Mary for being the most loving mother and teaching so much to me and to this entire world.

Judy Ellsbury- Iowa, USA

Barbara Singer

“I personally have not been to Medjugorge. I wanted to go several times but had to have knee surgery once, and back surgery the other time. Then, my husband died. However, volunteering at the Marian Center, I am around many people who have experienced miracles; one friend at our church sent her petition with a group going to Medjugorge and she was cured of her neurological disease here at home. Other friends have had  life changing experiences at Medjugorge.
When I was in fifth grade, our pastor consecrated our whole class to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

I married and Bob and I raised six children. I was music minister in my church for many years. 
Now, I volunteer in the right to life movement. I work at a pregnancy center in downtown Louisville and share the faith and counsel young girls who come in for pregnancy tests. I do data entry and help with office work at the Kentucky Right to Life office, among other things.
Barbara Singer- Kentucky, USA

Sandra Bierly

I have been to Medjugorje three times, and I am being used as a witness to the messages through the gift of writing poetry for Journey to God in our Archdiocesan newspaper, the Criterion.  I was at Mirijana’s apparition on April 2, 2005 where Our Lady called us her apotles.  She told us not to worry about what we were to do because she would lead us every step of the way.  During the apparition, I asked Our Lady to ask Jesus to please bless my writing.  My profession was Middle School Science teacher in a local public school before becoming a Middle School Religion teacher at a Catholic school.  When I got home from my pilgrimage, I wrote a poem entitled, “Peace” and submitted it to Journey to God to be published in the Criterion.  It was chosen and published.  Since then, I have had many poems published.  The remarkable thing about this is that I was not a poet.  Many people have told me that the poems touch their heart and that they carry them in their prayer books.  If one soul draws closer to God because of the words of one of these poems, I have fulfilled my mission on Earth. 

Sandra Bierly- Indiana, USA

Tricia Vowels

In 1999, my family were lukewarm cradle Catholics – at best. It was that year that the Blessed Mother called us to Medjugorje.  We had never even heard of it. It took several miracles to get us there in 2000 and many times after that.  Today in 2010, we are still on fire with the Holy Spirit and with Her Love! There have been many fruits of Medjugorje, including the rosary group that we started after returning from our first pilgrimage. For the last ten years, we have held a weekly rosary in our home. We have had over 300 college students and more than 50 adults and children who have attended. The miracles and prayers answered through this rosary are too numerous to count. Some of our “rosary kids” have graduated, gotten married, and started rosary groups in their own homes.  We continue to receive cards and letters thanking us and the Blessed Mother for this ministry. God used the blessings and graces that we received at Medjugorje to bring us back to Him.  Because of the intercession of the Blessed Mother and the fruits of Medjugorje, in ten years we went from being lukewarm Catholics to brand new Catholics in the deacon formation program. My husband will be ordained in 2012!

Tricia Vowels- Texas, USA

Tricia Goguen

I came to know about Medjugorje one summer evening in Cape Cod, Massachusetts on a sister-weekend in Dennis, MA.  My sister pulled out a set of rosaries one night to show me what her friend from work had given her.  Her friend, Denise, had woken up at 3am to a voice saying, “give them to Karen.”  So she got up right at that moment and put the rosary in her purse to give to my sister Karen at work the next morning.  When my sister pulled the rosary beads out of a small box to show me, I smelt a smell of roses unlike anything I’ve ever smelt on earth.  “Do you smell roses?  You don’t smell roses?”  I asked her more than once as she could not smell roses and I could!  I even smelled the small box thinking it was laced with perfume, but it did not smell at all.  Instead the heavenly fragrance remained and over time, dissapated.  Soon after, I learned about Medjugorje and given the Pieta prayer book from a friend.  Within a couple of weeks, I was given a set of rosary beads from Medjugorje because I had begun to fast per the messages and I guess this man wanted me to have them.  And so begins a mystical journey to Our Lady and her Son, Jesus.  I know I am weak, and a sinner, but will never stop praying the rosary.  It is part of me now and I pray it brings me to complete conversion someday soon.  Thank you Jerry for setting me afire with the messages, and from your music which touches my very soul. 

Tricia from MA, USA

Judith and John Riddle

Our Medjugorje Testimony – John and Judith
Our miraculous images on photo and we also have images on video, May 25, 1990…

John and I were married in a civil ceremony in 1984. John was not Catholic, and I was a fallen away Catholic…how and why we ended up in Medjugorje was truly an invitation from the Blessed Mother….April 1989 was a very difficult time in my life, my mother died and the circumstances surrounding that were awfully painfull…I couldn’t seem to shake off the ‘blues’ and so John suggested going to church and I hadn’t thought of that at all. The only church I knew was the Catholic church and John didn’t really care, as long as I didn’t ask him to become a Catholic. We started going to Sunday Mass occasionally in September 1989. I did not receive Holy Communion. I was obedient to the Catholic faith that I was taught. I was never a ‘cafeteria Catholic.’

Around late November 1989, I heard about Medjugorje from a friend who had read an article in her local home town newspaper. It was just a matter of fact statement from my friend, but I was ‘transported’ back in time to 3rd grade where I had been placed in the middle of the school year in Catholic school from public school. The change in schools happened because my younger sister had been diagnosed with Leukemia. My mother made a marriage vow to raise her children Catholic and she wasn’t doing it. I think she thought if she corrected that vow now that perhaps God would let my sister live, but she died. I was only a few weeks in 3rd grade Catholic school when the nun told us a story about Bernadette and Lourdes in 1858 and I was completely enthralled. This really seemed marvelous to me. I remember after the story was over that I wanted to go there desperately.

Marilyn Heller

I visited Medjugorje in 1995 with my parents.  We all had a profound spiritual conversion and the Blessed Mother has been drawing us closer to herself and her son, ever since.  I joined a prayer group after my return and it’s still going strong 15 years later.  My parents established a rosary group to meet in their neighborhood, and that, too, is still meeting 15 years on.

Marilyn Heller- Queens, New York, USA

Alice Di Carlo

Our daughter, Maria, first introduced me to Medjugorje.  She attended a talk at a Church. The speaker was Wayne Weible.  She purchased his book, “The Message.” She told me that, Wayne, a Protestant, at the time said, “The Blessed Mother was appearing in Medjugorje.” After the talk, he gave Maria a medal. He said “the medal was blessed by Our Lady, and that she wanted Maria to have it.” I was skeptical.I read “The Message” book and could not get the events happening in Medjugorje out of my mind. I thought I would love to visit Medjugorje someday. However, how could I ever afford a trip there? Medjugorje was a Communist country then. It seemed absurd. My husband, Mario also read the book.

At that time, I was driving a very old car. It was transportation for me. We decided it was time to sell it. I told Mario that I wanted to advertise the car, in the paper for the price of a ticket to Medjugorje. The cost was $1,500.00. He said “you will never get that price for that old car.”  The first call that I received was from a man who wanted to come to see it. He lived in Westland, quite a distance away from our home. He came with his wife. They looked at the car, never opened the hood, and said he would take it. I said “don’t you even want to test drive it?” He said “OK” and took it just to the end of our street, about a block, and came back. They came into our house and he counted out $1,500.00 cash, in 100-dollar bills. The young couple said, “They were in need of a car.” I gave them back $100.00. Was this the confirmation that I needed to go to Medjugorje?  I obtained an application form for the pilgrimage, filled it out and had it in my purse, but didn’t mail it. Still, I was hesitant.

I started praying the rosary daily, sometimes all 3 mysteries. The Lenten season was approaching. I began attending daily Mass for Lent, praying, asking, our Blessed Mother if she was calling me to Medjugorje?  Our parish did not have daily Mass every day of the week. So, I decided to attend a weekday Mass, at a neighboring parish, one that I have never visited before. I’ll never forget that day! After Mass, while still sitting in the pew, a lady, (that I have never seen before) came to sit beside me. She said, “Our Blessed Mother told her to give me this”. She placed a rosary in my hand. It was the most beautiful rosary that I have ever seen. It had filigree around each bead, in gold, except for the crucifix, which was silver. She said that “her husband had given her the rosary, it turned gold in Medjugorje, and that I was supposed to have it.” I was stunned and tears welled in my eyes, and I couldn’t speak. She left, and I didn’t even ask her, what was her name?  I remembered I still had the application to Medjugorje in my purse.

I told Mario of this encounter. How much more confirmation than this, did I need, to affirm that I was supposed to go to Medjugorje. We mailed the application for the May pilgrimage, to spend 8 days in Medjugorje, then leave the tour group, and visit Mario’s sister in Italy for another 7 days.  I invited my 81yr. old father, who had recently recovered from prostate cancer surgery, to come on the trip. He thought he would like to see Italy, but could not quite understand Medjugorje. He was slow in making a decision and did not have a passport. He applied for one, but I thought it was too late. He will never receive it in time for the departure. Usually a passport takes 4-6 weeks. It arrived within 10 days. I went to a Catholic religious store and purchased a black rosary for Dad to take on the pilgrimage.

My dad was Catholic, but did not go to confession or Mass in 30 years, since my mother died. Mom died suddenly of a cerebral hemorrhage when I was 27 years old and pregnant with our daughter. For many years, I prayed that Dad would return to the Sacraments. Lent had passed, Easter came, and then he called us to come to his house, and attend Mass with him, on Divine Mercy Sunday. I was quite surprised, but thought that he might be preparing for his trip, to see if the Mass had changed. We attended Our Lady of Refuge Church. (What an appropriate name) We have never been there before. At Communion time, he came out of the pew right behind me. I turned around shocked, and he kept following me. Then, I realized, he would never receive Communion without first going to confession. He knew Holy Communion was the body and blood of Jesus, and would never commit a sacrilege. Tears ran down my face, as I received Holy Communion that day. After Communion, I gave him a big hug and kiss. In the parking lot, he told me “he went to confession to the priest privately, in the rectory a few days before”. He wanted to surprise me.

Our daughter and son-in-law were expecting their first baby in April of 1996. I was present, with my son-in-law, during the delivery of our grandson, Joshua. Our daughter, Maria, held the golden rosary in her hands, during the labor pains and delivery. I stood behind the doctor, as she quickly worked to remove the umbilical cord, which was wrapped tightly around the baby’s neck three times. Joshua was fine, a strong and healthy baby boy.

After a long flight, we arrived in Medjugorje. Our group consisted of 17 people. The minute you come into the village, you feel peace. Dad attended daily Mass, climbed Apparition hill, and then early the next morning climbed Mt. Krisevac. It was a very hard and difficult climb. My dad made it up both mountains. And it was a miracle that, all of us, felt no pain at all, even in our legs. We walked around the village until 10: pm that same evening. The following day, all of us went to confession, before the evening Mass, during the rosary, after the apparition at 6:40 pm. We were outside, standing next to the Adoration chapel. Someone said, “Look at the sun”. It is spinning! All different colors were spinning around the sun, pulsating. It looked like the host was covering the center of the sun. Some people saw the face of Jesus in the host. Other people saw Our Blessed Mother’s face in the center. My dad was the only one, who saw a large cross above the sun. We could look directly into the sun, without harming our eyes. There were people with contact lenses, and they looked at the sun. It lasted about 50 minutes. My Dad sat down on a park bench, outside the Adoration chapel, crying. The only other time that I ever saw Dad cry, was at Mom’s funeral.  He took the black rosary from his pocket and started praying. I walked over to him and knelt down in front of him. He told me that, “this was the first time he has prayed the rosary on his own.” I cried too. Then, I asked him to do something.  I asked him to bless me. Kneeling before him, he took his thumb and made the sign of the cross on my forehead.

The next morning, our group was waiting outside St. James Church. The 10:00am English Mass was soon to begin. One member said “look at my rosary; it is turning gold, right before our eyes.” All of us looked at our rosaries, and the silver links had turned to gold also, for almost every person there. I purchased my rosary 3 years before, at the Vatican gift shop and the links were silver for 3 years, now they were gold.

It was May 18, Pope John Paul II’s birthday. Our group decided to buy a bouquet of flowers to place at the statue of Our Lady of Medjugorje, in front of St. James church and to pray the rosary altogether. We were all there except for one person. We waited for her, before beginning the rosary. While waiting, I looked up in the sky all around me. No clouds were visible, except for one tiny little cloud, far in the distance, in back of me, near Apparition Mountain. The sky was so very blue and clear. Finally, we were altogether, praying the rosary. Just as the rosary was about to end, I opened my eyes and looked up at the sky, and a perfect shaped dove was made with clouds directly above the statue of Our Blessed Mother. It was huge. There were no other clouds around. I did not have a camera with me. We were praying the last decade, so I could not tell anyone to stop and look up. Before the last prayer was finished, the clouds dispersed and floated away. Inside I was saying, please don’t go away. I want everyone to see this. But, it was gone.  I did not tell anyone. Tears came to my eyes, as I whispered, “thank you.” 

Our group left for the U.S, and we continued onto Italy for another week. It was wonderful being with Mario’s family. It was not until I returned home, about 2 weeks later, that I would cry at home for no reason at all. I cried every time that I would think of Medjugorje. I felt lonesome. It is so hard to explain the feeling, a loss. I started to attend daily Mass, learning more about my faith and reading good Catholic books. Before Medjugorje, I was a Sunday Mass person only, and confession perhaps twice a year, if that. TV programs did not interest me, at all anymore, a complete dislike for TV. I did not like the music that I liked before. I purchased the video called “Beyond the Fields” and would cry all through it, because it seemed to take me back to Medjugorje.

In March of 1997, almost one year later, I had the feeling that I should return this beautiful golden rosary back to the lady who gave it to me because my own rosary turned gold. I went to the church to find her. She was there. After Mass she stayed in the pew to pray. I didn’t want to interrupt her.  I loved this rosary, and I kept praying, asking, “Do I have to give it back?” I said to Jesus, “if she is still here, when I come out of the Ladies room, then I’ll give it back.” When I came out, there she was, right in front of me. No one else was around. I took her hand, and placed the rosary in it, and said, “thank you”. Tears came to her eyes. I knew then that this rosary meant as much to her as it did to me. It must have been very hard for her to give it away. Through her tears, she said “thank you” and said that “it was her birthday that day.”  What joy I felt! God is so good! 

I wanted to learn all about my Catholic faith. My life changed completely. I guess that is what is called a “conversion of heart.” Medjugorje also changed my dad’s life. He would tell everyone of his experience there. He even talked to people in stores, while shopping, at the bank, and at the car dealer. He brought tears to the eyes of strangers, non-Catholics, when he told of his pilgrimage. My dad also now attended every Sunday Mass. His cancer came back and spread to his bones. He still attended Mass, until it was too painful to sit through a Mass on Sunday. I gave him Holy Communion at home, until he was called home at 86 years old in 2001. He was buried holding the black rosary in his hands.


 As a postscript to the above story: Why did it take so many years to write about my Medjugorje Experience?

In February of 2006, Mario and I made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with a tour group of about 20 people. We met some very wonderful people from all over the U.S. and Canada. There was a family from NYC, a mother, father, and daughter. While waiting in the lobby of the Notre Dame Hotel in Jerusalem, the daughter and I started a conversation about some of the places that each of us has visited previously. I told her just a little bit about Medjugorje, and said, “what a wonderful peaceful place it was.” She said, “She would like to visit someday”.

In 2007, she emailed me, and said that she was planning to visit Rome for Easter and would also spend 3 days in Medjugorje for Palm Sunday. When she returned, she told me of her experiences in Rome and Medjugorje and I said, “I would tell her of my experience.” That is why “My Experience in Medjugorje” was written. She also stated how her life has changed and how much her faith has deepened since returning home. Also she is learning more about our Catholic faith and is praying the rosary every day now.

When she told me that she was going to Medjugorje, I wanted to ask her to purchase a rosary for me, made from the stones from the mountain. But, I didn’t ask. I realized that she only had 3 days in Medjugorje, and I did not want to impose shopping for me, interfere with what she was to experience. When she came home, she emailed me that she sent me a gift in the mail. When I opened it, it was a rosary bracelet made from the stones from the mountain! Wow!  Isn’t it amazing, that Our Lord knows what is hidden in the recesses of our heart?   

When I sat down at the computer to write this story, the words flowed so easily, every detail. It is hard to explain how easy it was to write it so quickly. I am not a writer by any means, yet it even surprised me, how clear it was to my memory. Perhaps my story is meant to help, inspire, or direct someone else. I keep thinking, “my dad was not afraid to talk of Medjugorje to anyone he met.” Why should I be afraid?   Do not think I must be a very holy person. I am not. I am on a journey to holiness, a sinner, striving each day. When I went to Medjugorje, I did not ask or expect to see miracles or signs. Perhaps, I was the vessel that God used to bring my Dad back to the faith, because after much suffering, he died in the state of grace.

I realized that the miracle of Medjugorje is NOT the spinning sun, or rosaries turning gold, but the conversion of hearts, millions of people returning to the Sacraments, with a deep love for the Holy Eucharist. Our Lady of Medjugorje is asking 5 things of us: Prayer from the heart (the rosary daily) Fasting, (each week), Monthly confession, Reading Holy Scripture, and receiving Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. The Queen of Peace, our Blessed Mother, is coming to Medjugorje to lead her dear children back to Jesus.

I really believe there are no “just a coincidence” happenings. People are placed in our life for a reason, from God. Every encounter or chance meeting has a purpose.

Thank you Jesus, for placing all these people in my life, to help direct me back to you. 


Alice DiCarlo- Clarkston, MI, USA

Fran Hellinger

I am a convert to the Catholic faith.  Even before my becoming Catholic I had a devotion to the Blessed Mother, my husband and I attended the Sorrowful Mother novena every Friday evening. 

In 1989 we heard a speaker talk about a book he had read that changed his life.  The title of the book is “The Queen of Peace Visits Medjugorje.”  After reading the book we decided to make a pilgrimage to Medjugorje.  We finally went in 1994.

Over the years my husband’s health had begun to deteriorate from emphysema.  We were concerned about him making the trip, but we knew we were being called by Our Lady to go.  Hub (my husband) received a miracle while we were there, he was able to climb Mt. Krizevac and Apparition Hill.  I know it was a miracle because he was having trouble just doing everyday walking. 

My faith, trust and belief in Medjugorje were strengthened by what he experienced, but even more by the faith, love and peace of the villagers.

Both Hub and I have been very active at The Marian Center in Louisville, since it was founded thru the call of Our Lady of Medjugorje.  Often I can feel the same peace there as I found in Medjugorje.

In 1998 we lost our daughter to leukemia.  I know the peace that we had through the year and a half of her illness came from the graces we had received.  Our Marian Center family was absolutely wonderful and their love helped to bring us through that time of sadness and loss.

My second visit to Medjugorje was in 2006.  That was an extremely hard year for me and my family.  My brother-in-law (a very dear friend to me) passed away, my friend was taking me home from The Marian Center and we were involved in a very serious accident.  I was very blessed and did not get hurt seriously, but she lost her arm.  When I returned from the pilgrimage to Medjugorje my husband was very ill.  On December 2nd I lost my husband of 49 1/2 years.  Hub was my best friend and my rock.  I was given the grace and strength to get through all of this.  I know that Jesus and Our Lady were with me through it all, I have no doubts.

Now I have said “yes” to whatever Our Lord and Our Lady are asking me to do.  I pray I will be the servant they are calling me to be. 

Fran- Kentucky, USA

Frank S

When I read a small paragraph in the local
paper about Mary the Mother of Jesus appearing in an unknown village in Europe (Medjugorje), suddenly, in an instant, I believed. That was the start of my journey back to the Church. Blessed Mother, you were the catalyst; I thank and am ever grateful to Jesus for bringing me back to Mass.  Later the Cursillo three days was  an unsurpassed spiritual experience.  Now I am studying beginning theology.

It is true that an isolated Christian is a paralysed Christian. One day I will visit Medjugorje.

Peace be with you!


Janet Carroll

 In September 1990, I had been working all day at a parish festival in Texas, our home from 1984 – 2002.  I was dirty and in very casual clothes. All of a sudden I heard “her” deep in my heart…”Go to the Rosary at St. Mary’s tonight. Don’t care how you look! Don’t care how you look!”  I didn’t share this with anyone. I just went to the Rosary and Benediction, making a point of sitting in the back. You see, I am a cantor and am always concerned about my appearance.   When I got to the church, I prayed. During Benediction, I felt a heat go through my body.  Later that evening, I received a copy of Wayne Weible’s paper and the “Blue Book” from Medjugorje.  The next day, I had an X-ray of my esophagus and stomach.  After the procedure, the doctor told me, “Well, I thought there was going to be a tumor there, but there is nothing. I can’t understand it.” By October, my silver rosary had turned gold. By December, I attended the NOLA Marian Conference. In February, I met Jerry and Regina, who predicted our 11 year-old son’s trip to Medjugorje and his playing trumpet for the 10th anniversary English Mass.  Our Lady has brought me closer to Jesus especially during Adoration.   Our Faith has kept us going through lay-offs, illnesses, bad times, moves to new homes and much more. Praise be Jesus and Mary!

Cherico McIntosh

It was my first Marian Conference I experienced in my lifetime. Our Lady brought me to the Catholic Church after a long period of wandering. As a young woman new to the faith, I admit that I became lost every now and then. After this experience I have probably grown stronger in my faith and more knowledgeable than in weeks of studying books. The Louisville Marian Conference changed my life.

Cherico McIntosh- Indiana

Mary Ellen Brandi

I was raised a cradle Catholic with 12 years of Catholic school education.  I did not learn my faith very well.  I was never close to Jesus.  However, I have loved Our Blessed Mother my entire life.  My Mom had asked for her intercession before my birth, and I am named after her.

At one point in my life, I knew I was not in a good place spiritually.  Some friends had given me a Miraculous Medal necklace years before, and I put it back on and said, “Oh Blessed Mother, please help me.”  I began to slowly turn around – it was 1989.  Also this same year, I started reading a book whose first line said, “In Yugoslavia, Medjugorje, six young children are seeing the Blessed Virgin Mary.”  Well, my heart knew immediately it was true.  My conversion story began.  However, it wasn’t until Jan. of 1992, when I started praying the Rosary.  I had to use the guide, because I didn’t know how to pray the rosary.  The next day, it had turned gold.

My heart longed to go to Medjugorje since 1989; however, it wasn’t until 2008 that I was finally able to go.

Many miracles took place there.  The greatest however I believe is the total peace and love that is physically felt while being there.

I would like to share one miracle that I experienced because I think it will touch you as well.  One night I was praying the Luminous Mysteries while meditating at the mosaics of the Luminous Mysteries, I saw a miracle of the sun unlike any before.  The sun had already set for the day.  At the second mystery, the wedding feast of  Cana, I stopped and said, “oh what charity!”  Then I felt a warmth on my left cheek rising on my face.  I turned toward its direction, and I saw the sun rise back up into the sky and pulsate.  It was such a beautiful touch of love.  I stopped to share it with a woman who approached me to ask what I saw.  After we finished talking, I looked back in the sky and it was gone.

I know that Our Lady comes to our world to lead us to her Son out of a Mother’s love for all of us, because without her, I would not have found her Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ..


Chuck Mitchell

My first pilgrimage to Medjugorje was in 1989. I had felt the strong calling to go after reading the newspaper”Miracle At Medjugorje,” by Wayne Weible.I traveled with a group of pilgrims but I knew noone in the group.

I felt the presence of Our Lady and felt that she was telling me to do more work for Her and Her Son. So, I went to Church more often and prayed the Rosary more often. I went back to Medjugorje the following year, and received the same message, “Do More”.

Around that time, I became involved with the Ambassadors of Mary program which takes a statue of Our Lady of Fatima around to different homes every Saturday. I have been doing this for the past 18 years. I continue to try to live the messages in other ways.

Two years ago, I organized a group of 10 people who help me make mission rosaries that are sent out all over the world. So far we have made 50,000 rosaries.

I am open to where ever Our Lord and Our Lady lead me.

Chuck Mitchell- Louisville, Kentucky

Mary Cruz

It is an honor to give a testimony of the love and guidance and involvement of Our Lady in my life.

I was in Medjugorje in 1995, and was 7 1/2 months pregnant. I was with a wonderful group, but decided to do much on my own! There were so many things that happened to me while I was there, but this space is limited! The first Mass, I received one Host from the priest, but in my mouth, it became 2. I heard in my heart,”the second Host is for your husband.”

I decided to walk the Rosary Hill and a few ladies joined me. We were getting warm and wanted to put our coats down, but didn’t know where. I said,”Oh here’s a dog, he will watch over them!” Right then, the dog walked up to me! I asked if he would watch our coats!! We put all of the coats down, behind one of the “plaques”. The dog immediately came over and laid down on the coats! When we came down the mountain, 2 hours later, the dog saw us, and without being asked, he got up and we were able to pick up our coats!

There are many more stories from this trip… Mother has always been at my side, at times I feel Her Presence! I have lived in a very abusive relationship. If it weren’t for my Rosary, Scripture, and Sacraments, I wouldn’t be whole or at peace today. She is my prayer partner and advocate. One night, in constant tears, and being pregnant with my 6th baby, I cried out to Mother saying, “I love You so much, I just wish I could tell You to Your face!” The next day, I was in a conference in Charlotte. Someone walked up to me in the crowd and handed me $50. She said, “Go buy Wayne Weible’s book and get them signed.” I didn’t know her and I didn’t want any books! She insisted! As I got closer to Wayne, he looked at me, then grabbed my arm and pulled me to the side. I thought,”HOW STRANGE!” He then whispered in my ear,”I have a message for you. The Blessed Mother wants you to know that She loves you very much.” He reached into his pocket and said,”She has a gift for you,” and handed me a rosary that had been in the Apparition Room in Medjugorje. Remember my prayer the night before???

My life has been very hard and now I raise my 4 teens alone. I am calm and at peace because of Mother. Medjugorje gave me the gift of peace and serenity in the most difficult of trials. So many people tell me they couldn’t have lived my life. My Mother and the Blessed Trinity are the precious secrets I have in my arsenal to allow me and to assist me to carry out all my endeavors.

In Medjugorje, I found simple truth-

My God is Mighty, My God is Gracious, and my God loves me and my children. Mother helps me and teaches me how to be a good mother, which is an ongoing process.

Mary Cruz- Pisgah Forest, North Carolina

Dean Goodale

I believe in the saving grace of Jesus Christ and am thankful for this chance to bare testimony of it. Lets fill the world with that knowledge. I am also thankful for the time and effort that Jerry Morin has put into making these great and uplifting videos.

 I have known Jerry Morin for a short 3 years but from the start realized that he was a man with a testimony and a mission. I’m more than grateful for the light that he has shared with me and my family and it has given me a clearer perspective of this life and that to come. Thank you Jerry. Thank you Lord and Mother Mary. 

Annonymous Annonymous

Gloria Bernard

I must say that in April 1990 my almost reluctant trip to Medjugorje changed my life, gave purpose to my life and put me in the right direction.  It was evident to me that Our Lady was present in and around the small village of Medjugorje and believing was not a problem from the start.  Convincing other people was more of a problem but the seeds we sow from our belief are the beginning of something that Our Lord and the Blessed Mother will continue.  It is their job.  Since then I say the rosary at least once a day, attend daily Mass when home and attend a prayer group.  God is good and we are all blessed. We just need to open ourselves to Mary and her son, Jesus.

Jean Bierly

Just this morning, Elaine Goeke and I had a long chat on the phone. Just this afternoon, a young mom from our parish came for a visit (I am in the local hospital re-habing from a l. hip replacement. At 66, I am a widow of nearly 14 years and recently re-retired from working with an interfaith helping ministry in our small MN county. I am dedicating these next 6 weeks especially to prayer and thanks and asking the Lord to direct me in these next months and years of my life.  The young mom is spirit-filled but also yearning for a way to serve other moms, families and youth so that our parish may come to new life and live with Christ and His way and will at the center.  THEN – surprise and no surprise! – Elaine calls to tell me of your call and the invitation to sign up on email. So here I am.  What’s next, Lord?  Thank you, Jerry, for remaining so faithful all these years.  I am filled with thanks and eager hope, especially on this eve of Mercy Sunday.

Blessings, Jean B.

Bess Willis

My husband passed away suddenly on March 21, 2008.  I have asked our Lord what he wants me to do with the rest of my life. 

The Lord has led me to serve others and to become more active in the Catholic Church.  I recently joined the Legion of Mary and through the Legion have heard Jerry Morin’s calling.

Sylvia Kendall

I was introduced to Servants To The World by Vicki Martin, another Witness to the Mission. This touched a chord in my heart, and once I had listened to the beautiful and moving ‘At The Cross’ I couldn’t turn away. I prayed for the Grace to discern whether becoming a witness is what I should do, and got my answer through an answer to another unrelated question. I visited Medjugorje in 2006 and my life has never been the same. Now I am ready to do whatever I am called to do.

Sylvia Kendall-Northern Territory, Australia

Barbara Miller

I went to Medjugorje in 1989 and was converted into a deeper, more meaningful Faith.  Since then I have tried to follow Our Lady’s messages of prayer, fasting, scripture reading and to lead a simple life.   My family does not share the belief in Medjugorje that I have.  So far, I do not see my calling.  Whenever I think I may have found direction, I seem to be pulled back into the home to just be here. I want very much to serve and so I do so by serving my family the best I can., and praying for all those that cross my path that are in need of prayer.

Cindy Conte

I have always had a devotion to Our Lady.  I was called to Medjugore in 1989, and I feel so blessed to have been able to respond. I have met Jerry Morin in 1991, and was able to host him at our home a few times for concerts he has performed in our parish.  We have some very fond memories of Jerry and Regina.  I am so greatful for the rebirth of To the World.  My prayers are with all of you.  Many Blessings to you! 


Cindy Conte


Debbie Lapergola

Spreading the Messages and Love of Our Mother to Her Children.


Leonard Eberle

Since becoming aware of the Servants to the World Ministry, I am being led to become involved with the Servants mission  by being a witness to our Lord’s unconditional love and mercy He has for each and every one of us.  Some years ago my 13 year old son was brutally murdered.  My witness is a “Love Story” of how I was led from anger and bitterness to being able to forgive my son’s murderer.  Our Blessed Mother has played a big part in this conversion story.  At the present time I do give my witness to groups in the local area, but I feel that our Lord is asking me to be open to giving witness to group outside of my local area. 

Rita Riccio Conaty

My experience occurred in 1994 after the World Cup soccer games. A Colombian player was murdered after his country lost in the preliminary games. That event triggered a response in me I cannot explain: grief, depression, sorrow, remorse.

Looking back, his senseless murder reminded me of my own mortality and how my own selfish desires would not bring me contentment and peace. I felt the spirit of this man asking to pray, to change. At this point, confused and bewildered and a little frightened, I turned to the Blessed Mother. During this time in my life, I was a practicing Catholic, but living on the surface of my faith. I lacked understanding and commitment. There were also many things from my past, the Lord wanted me to confront and address. God was also asking for me to accept and enjoy my precious vocation of being a wife and mother. All of these things, the Blessed Mother assisted me with, step by step, and lesson by lesson.

Eventually, after a year and after much prayer and seeking God’s will, I felt the spirit of the young Colombian soccer player rest and return to God. I, too, was able to move forward with our Lady and Lord, renewed by daily decision to walk with God and to be open to conversion. This experience convinced me of the deep love God had for me personally.

In many ways, it had been a year of bliss, in which His presence was close and tender. I belive God asked me to write my experience down and I did in the form of a book. The book took me over ten years to write. To date it has not been published, but I am content to have completed this project for Jesus and Mary and I am saving my book for my children and grandchildren.

I have never been to Medjugorje, but am grateful that She came to me when I desperately needed my mother. I still need Her today more than ever and am honored to serve Jesus and Mary in my small, simple ways.

God Bless you,

 Rita Conaty- California, USA  

Denise Andersen

My pilgrimage to Medjugorje with Jerry took place exactly 9 years ago this present week, in September of 2000.  My life since has been so powerfully influenced by what Jesus and Mary gave me while there.  You will know a tree by its fruit.  The fruit for me personally has been ongoing conversion, two additional children and a great love for the holy priesthood.  May we all love and never judge our priests.  They are our Lady’s special sons.  She loves them deeply and is greatly offended when they are judged.  The most profound gift of the Holy Eucharist and the priesthood are inseparable.  Again, love and pray for your priests!

May we all answer Our Lady’s call and live her messages according to God’s will and unique plan for each of us.  As it is written in the book of the prophet Isaiah, “Fear not, for I am with you.”

Thank you Jerry for again responding to her call.  According to her plan for me, she chose you as the instrument to lead me to Medjugorje.  I will never forget.

Be not afraid!

Much love,  Denise Andersen-Nebraska, USA


Robert Smolar

I came back to the Lord and the one true faith (the Catholic Church) almost 20 years ago through Our Lady of Medjugorje. Her 5 main messages of faith, prayer, conversion, penance and peace are also applicable to my conversion story.

Through a prayer outside a protestant church where this once confused cradle Catholic asked God to lead him to the true faith I found it through others witnessing Medjugorje. Through the Sacrament of Penance at a 1990 Medjugorje Conference I found unbelievable peace as I left my first confession in many years with the awesome feeling that God was actually holding my hand. Through praying the rosary with the Medjugorje visionary Ivanka (at that Conference) I got the grace to make a life-changing conversion.

My conversion was energized in a 1990 Medjugorje trip where I received special graces. One that I will never forget is actually seeing the face of Jesus (like the shroud of Turin) inside the tabernacle during Mass. Daily Mass from that point was a priority.

A few years later I met my wife Debbie at a Medjugorje prayer group. We fell in love , got married  and went on our honeymoon to Medjugorje while the war was still going on. (We even saw artillery fire from our bus when leaving Medjugorje.) 

For over 16 years we have shared our love and our faith and tried to inspire others to increase their faith. We have done this by being members of and by leading our own Medjugorje Prayer group and by co-ordinating 7 Medjugorje Retreats , 3 of which Jerry Morin graced us with his inspiring conversion story and music . 


Debbie Smolar

My husband, Bob and I meet through a Medjugorje prayer group in North Arlington, NJ. Our lord and our Lady had a lot of work to do to prepare me in meeting my huband to be.  I was away from the Church for almost 10 years and literally if I had died I would have been in hell.  But God in His mercy started getting through to me through my dreams and my mother’s prayers.  One day I found myself reading a book titled Queen of the Cosmos and this book changed the course of my life.  I met my husband who at that time I thought was a religious fanatic but God has a sense of humor.  Many miracleous things have happened that changed the course of my life. One night at the prayer group Bob and I were asked to help with a Rosary Congress being held in NJ.  It was during this Congress that I made a general confession. After coming out of confession I truly felt I was welcomed home in the arms of my Heavenly Father like the prodigal son only I was the prodigal daughter.  Within 1 1/2 years Bob and I married in June 1993. For a prepartion we both did the total consecreation to our Lady.  We had our honeymoon in Medjugorje. Since then Bob and I have given a witness to Medjugorje to various places when we were asked to.  Then in June 1998 we felt called to give a retreat to get people back to the messages of Medjugorje. We knew nothing of doing a retreat, but we gave all to our Lady. We were watching Jerry Morin’s video ” To the World” and felt to called him to be part of it. So we called and Jerry said yes. Everything fell in place despite the obstacles we were getting as we knew in our hearts that Mother Mary wanted this retreat.  Since then we have done 7 retreats for our Lady and Jerry did 3 of them with us.  There were conversions and healings that have occurred in each one. It was all because of Heaven’s blessings. The last one in 2007.  At this time we are now feeling called to do another one. Meanwhile Bob and I have been doing a Medjugorje prayer group for 13 years.  We can all become servants to Heaven if we just have our hearts open to their call.  To have an open heart is to live our Lady’s messages. It is what opened our hearts in the beginning and still does.  We’d like to thank Jerry for answering yes to this mission as it keeps us focused on what is really is important in the times we forget.  Conversion is ongoing and Heaven is our real home and this is the path we must take to get to it. The diirections to it are the graces we get through our Lady.

Jeanette McRae

Dear Mr. Morin:  I have a long testimony to share with you.  I would like to know if I could reach you by phone My husband and I have been to Medjugorje 4 times and when I saw your article in the magazine something happend to me that I can’t explain –it was as if Blessed Mother was telling me to sign up immediately on your website; and I was filled with a renewed desire to follow her orders. I also read your article right at a time when other people around me were starting to follow other visionaries and messages different from Mary’s messages.  I was confused for a few weeks; but when I read your article I had a complete reversal.  I also want to tell you what happened after that. I had said a novena,,,,,, And my answer was clear to me !!!!!  I had asked Blessed Mother if she really was still appearing after all this time, to please bring me a sign because I was actually doubting.  On the 9th day of my novena, I received the sign I was asking for and more!!!  In the mail I received a card from a friend–out of the blue.   This friend has no idea that I was saying a novena.  And in the card was another prayer card of Our Lady of Medjugorje!!!  with a message on it from Mary. I knew it was for me personally. This person that sent me the card has never sent me a picture prayer card of Our Lady like that!!!  The message from our Lady was:  This is for your own personal conversion. This time is for you!  God”s plan cannot happen without your help.  I need to look again at it but that was the main content of it.  But I just wanted to share that with you, and to tell you that each time I get on  your website something else happens that  answers a question that I was having at the time.  Like,today you have an article about praying to St. Joseph. I was just telling my daughter to say a novena to him to know God’s will for her, because she is out of work and also having problems.  I have been going to Holy Hour each day for years; but now I feel energized again to do what Mary is asking me.  I had been doing it up until a few months ago. And I had stopped fasting.  But now I am trying hard to do her work again.. Thank You Mr. Morin and God bless you and your work

JoAnn Rangel

I have been to Medjugorje 3 times, in 1990, 1991 & 2000.  I am a better person because of my visits there. You see, my first visit there was about healing.  I did not know I was in need of a healing. I was clueless of being needed to be healed! I had not forgiven someone who hurt me very much through his sin. I thought it was his sin not mine. Well,Like I said, I did not know that I was sinning, by not forgiving.   After all the years since I was a little girl, I said the prayer by our Lord to His Heavenly Father.  In the prayer the words are “Forgive us, our sins, as we forgive those who trespass against us.  And, lead us not into temptation but, deliver us from evil” I was not listening to what I was saying over the years of repeating the “Our Father Prayer”. On my pilgrimage in 1990 our group went to see Father Jozo at his parish.  He had a healing service after the Mass and a talk. On the way home from seeing Father Jozo in the bus, I heard in a small voice say to me “forgive him.”  We were still in the bus driving back to Medjugorje. I told Jerry Morin what I had heard and he said “Alleluia you have been delivered!” At that time I really didn’t know what that meant!  I was asked to make a witness at the front of the bus.  What came pouring out of me was the Holy Spirit, I was talking but the Spirit took over my witness. I remember the feeling of being overjoyed. That same day in the evening I went to confession by a healing priest  in the courtyard of St. James Church in Medjugorje on the feast of The Divine Mercy. He anointed me with Holy Oil and I felt the unforgiving spirit leave my body. I was filled with grace and freedom to live a life God intended for me. I had forgiven and never again have I felt the hurt I once did.

Ten years after my first trip to Medjugorje, my husband whom I had forgiven had a great desire to go to confession, after not going for 35 years. Five months after the confession, he died in a motorcycle accident. I have the image of The Divine Mercy on his (Our) headstone. Over the year before he died, I had been praying a continuous Novena to St. Joseph for his return to the Church.  God healed him before taking him home. I am so thankful.  We have 7 children together. They can give witness that God forever changed our family through His Most Blessed Mother in Medjugorje. Please, forgive everyone who has offended you in anyway. Forgive and keep forgiving. Our Lord said to forgive 70 x 7. He will set you free!  There is so much more…. I may need to write  a book someday.  Bless you!

 JoAnn Rangel- Nebraska, USA



In Memory Theresa Hale

In 1999 my husband passed away and Theresa(my sister and best friend) was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. Little did I know she would pass away the following year 10/2000, 11 months after my husband. When I found out about her cancer, my first words were we are taking you to Lourdes for a healing.I did not know how. I had no money with 7 children. Theresa had 8 children and with the medical bills mounting, they had no money. I was left with some money from the insurance from the death of my husband, and decided to send Theresa, her husband Doug, myself and my mother with our very good friend Kathy Waltrip to Lourdes, Paris, Medjugorje. It was a very profound pilgrimage. In going on this pilgrimage, Theresa was left with a choice to be cured or suffer for the conversion of all sinners.  She was torn, but accepted God’s invitation to suffer for all sinners. She was a Victim Soul for Christ.  She did not let one word of pain utter from her lips. She had prayed the 15 prayers to St. Bridget for a whole year and each of the promises were fulfilled as we looked back and could see how God kept his word. An older priest at the hospital said “he has not seen anything like this for a long time”. Her beauty in suffering, her faith , and her spiritual life, with her family prayfully by her side. Theresa is still with us as all of our deceased members are with us  “The communion of Saints”  Theresa was a Blessed, Victim Soul for Christ. 

When in Paris, we visited the Eiffel tower. We went up to the 100th floor, the top. And now for some mysterious reason, out of nowhere, we will see the Eiffel tower, reminding us of our dear sister Theresa. Her husband Doug found a small size Eiffel tower on the seat of his locked car, being so mystified by this, took it into the house with him and has not found it since!  The biggest blessing out of the trip we took together was that God did not heal Theresa but he healed us, who went on the trip together so that we would be able to accept her death and go on without her and it would not have a effect on us to suffer as much as we could of done so. Thanks to Our Father and his perfect plan for us. it was a marvelous trip. We bathed in the baths in Lourdes and in Medjugorje we were with our Heavenly Mother. It was such a blessing to go on this beautiful trip. Our lives are forever changed! Theresa is forever with us in our hearts.  Thank you to Jerry for opening a world to come and for giving all a chance to know HIM.

In Memory of My Sister Theresa Hale- Nebraska,USA


JoAnn Rangel


Barbara Kleaveland

I am married and a mother of two grown sons. I grew up Catholic and attended Catholic schools through 12th grade. When I was a senior in High School, my boyfriend took advantage of me and I felt as though my life was ruined. I did not go to confession as I had done monthly through 8th grade. After Vatican II people stopped going to confession. Praying the rosary and other devotions were out. I did not want to tell my parents either and so I held it in, became full of anxiety and went on a downward spiral. After I graduated from high school I started college and met a man who was AWOL from the Navy. I ended up leaving college, and moving away from home to live with him. Eventually, at age 19, I became pregnant and was married. This broke my parents hearts as I was the only girl with six brothers. Eventually I was divorced and engaged again to be married. A few months before the wedding I thought I was pregnant. My gynecologist said it was too early to tell and he insisted on doing a procedure that would take care of it. I did not like the idea but my fiance said there would be no wedding if I didn’t; people would think I was really stupid for getting pregnant again, outside of marriage. So, because of the humiliation, I had the procedure. The doctor finished and left the room. When he came back, he informed me that I was pregnant and all his staff had quit because he had performed an abortion on me. Once again, I was filled with guilt and was totally devastated. I was married and a few years later we had a baby boy. A year later we were divorced. Most relationships don’t survive abortion. As the years passed I ended having two more abortions. After the third abortion, I began having panic attacks, terrible fear and anxiety. I became housebound. One day my brother called and said, “Barb, I don’t know what is wrong with you but the Blessed Mother is appearing in a little town called Medjugorje. She is asking people to turn back to God, to say the rosary for peace in families and in the world. Barb, you need peace more than anyone I know.” Well, I had not prayed a rosary since I was in grade school. My brother sent me a rosary and a scriptural rosary book and I began to pray the rosary. When I was in 2nd grade my teacher told us about Fatima. I loved the story and I prayed the rosary everyday as a child. So, now I hear that Our Lady is appearing again, in our time! It was so exciting. When I began the rosary, Our Lady began her work in my healing and conversion. If you want to hear the rest of the story and the song I wrote for my babies, you will have to send for my talk on DVD. as it is too long. In Jesus and His mother Mary, Barb Kleaveland

allison brown

She speaks to my heart.

Mary Sue and Larry Eck

We are honored to join Servants to the World Mission. We believe that our Medjugorje Magazine has served as witness to the world and to the Church since its conception in 1999. Our Lady called us in saying” I want you to start a Medjugorje magazine in the United States.” We feel privileged to be a part of this mission and pray that this mission fulfills its intended purpose according to God’s Will, witnessing for the salvation of souls.

Larry and Mary Sue Eck- Illinois, USA

Medjugorje Magazine

MaryAnn Mazzarella

I pray for the success of your ministry.  I, too, have been profoundly blessed by Our Lady and Our Lord and have been given the opportunity to go to Medjugorje many times not only as a pilgrim but also conducting the pilgrimage.  My first trip was in 1994.  The miracles resulting from that trip were incredible.  My husband returned to the sacraments, my daughter-in-law, son-in-law, my daughter-in-law’s parents and her brother, all became Catholics and many others in our family had their Faith strengthened and renewed.  Our Lady asked me to start a cenacle of prayer which is called, ‘Lucisfilii’, The Children of the Light.  It has been going strong since 1995.  It has been 6 years since my last trip to Medjugorje and I feel very strongly the need to return.  I pray for the prosperity needed to do so as I feel that there is more that Our Lady is asking of me and of our cenacle as well.  I have been blessed by many gifts and my love for the the Lord grows each day as well as the love for Our Mother.  Thank you Jerry for answering Our Lady’s Call to serve and witness to the world the need for all of her children to come home to the Lord where our true life lies.  

Tom Hubbard

I was raised a presbyterian and really had no clue what that meant.  I was non-practicing and was quite satisfied to let God, or whoever the higher power was,  to stay in heaven and just let me go about my life here on earth.   This was the case in 1989 when quite by accident I viewed a news report on a local T.V. station about the appearances of “Mary” to several local children in a far off village in Bosnia of all places.  I did watch the report with interest, but just was not spiritually ready to accept what I was seeing and hearing.  I rejected the whole idea of Mary coming to earth and went on about my business.  Not realizing that Our Lady had planted a seed. 

Our Lady has this way of making her point.  She gives many opportunities to assist in our conversions and fortunately, she did this for me.  A co-worker came to work one day soon after I viewed the local T.V. report.  He had some informational type phamplets concerning Medjugorje.  He gave me one, and we talked briefly about the T.V. report but no indepth conversation.  Later, I actually read one of the phamplets and for some reason my attention immediately was focused on the youngest Medjugorje visionary, Jakov.   

I thought back a few years to the time when I was the same age as Jakov and knew there was no way I could have shown the display of courage as this youngester, unless what I had witnessed was so impressive that no power on earth could have shaken my belief.  Of course, the power in this case wasn’t earthly, it was from heaven and it was the Blessed Mother.

I soon began reading more religious information that I could ever have possibly imagined.  I read about the Church, saints, apparitions throughout history, on and on.  I was still a non practicing presbyterian.   To shorten this story, I eventually came to the Catholic Church in 1991.  My first pilgrimage to Medjugorje came in 1995, then 96,97, 2000, 2002 and most recently 2006.  I wasn’t looking for Medjugorje, but Our Lady has this uncanny knack of letting you find, what you don’t know at the time you need. 

I’ll close now, I hope this hasn’t been too boring, there is more to the story, but I think I’ve reached a good stopping point.


Tom Hubbard

Joel Fago

As I recall, I first heard about Medjugorje in St. Augustine, Florida, at the site of the first Catholic church in the United States. At Mass, the homilist told us that after visiting Medjugorje, he experienced the Warning, an illumination of the soul. I will never forget the expression on his face.

Back in California I began to consider more and more a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. My wife, Sheila, and I attended a presentation by a woman from Bosnia-Herzegovina on efforts to rebuild the churches in her country. Afterwards, I (overcoming my shyness!) told her that I was considering coming to Medjugorje. She said, “Come.” That did it. I was now determined to go. Sheila was determined not to go due to the war. My Dad said that he wanted to go. About a week before we were due to leave, he called saying that due to his infirmities, he could not go. Hearing the phone conversation, Sheila declared, “I’ll go.” I was amazed at the sudden change of heart. The Holy Spirit knew what would happen – Medjugorje has changed our lives.

 Joel Fago- Arizona, USA

Angela Hayes

Our Lady has been calling me since I was very small.  I decided as a child to name all of my daughters, if I had any, after Mary.  I loved May Crowning and wanted to go to Medjugorie from the moment I first heard about it.

In the Spring of 2000 my husband and I had the opportunity.  We travelled there in May of that year.  Our mission was to ask Our Lady to pray for our Grandson, hopefully for a cure, for his autism.  We were recently retired and he was recently diagnosed with this devastating condition.  Our family was desparate to find the cure.

On the trip we met wonderful, faith-filled people. The people of the village had such great faith and devotion.  Once there, I didn’t want to leave.  I felt so safe and loved.  Considering the ravaged look of the war torn country side at that time, it was hard to believe that such a violent history preceeded our visit.

Tom and I went to the mountain every morning.  We were drawn there.  Tom later admitted that he could see Our Lady’s image clearly above the great cross on the mountain.  She was there for sure, but I never saw her.

After rteurning home we began attending a rosary cell. This group met once a month to pray all 15 decades of the rosary and share our faith stories.  Later, we became involved with a ministry to welcome Catholics back to their Faith.

Our journey is not complete but we were able to bring that peace and love of Medjugorie back home with us.  Our Faith is the most precious gift of the many that we were so amply given. Our Grandson was not cured of his autism but the blessings that he has given our family and all those associated with him are innumerable!

Mary will always be calling us and with God’s grace we will continue to hear her voice. We know that she wants us all safely home and she will be with us to the end.

Angela Hayes- Indiana, USA

Jo Forck

 I was privileged to go to Medjugorje the summer of 2005.  Since I had been to Medjugorje previously in 2002 and had brought souvenirs for my family members at that time, I did not know what to bring home for the men in my family:  my husband, my son,  or my son-in-law.  I decided to buy them a finger rosary and carry those finger rosaries with me during Mirjana’s Apparition and climbing Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain, and pray for their intentions.  During Marijana’s Apparition on June 2, 2005 and climbing Apparition Hill the rosaries were in my purse; however, when I climbed Cross Mountain all I carried was my water bottle.   I put the finger rosaries on my finger, even though they were much too big, but I kept my hand clasped, being careful not to lose them.  I know I had those rosaries on my finger at the 13th Station of the Cross climbing Cross Mountain.  When I reached the top of Cross Mountain I realized the rosaries were not on my finger anymore.  I was devastated.  I told the Blessed Mother that maybe losing the rosaries on Cross Mountain was for the best because then their intentions would be forever on Cross Mountain and the Blessed Mother would always pray for them.   I did not even bother to look for the finger rosaries on the way down Cross Mountain – it would be impossible to find them.  

Before dinner that evening I was sitting at the outdoor patio table at our host’s home and I saw a finger rosary exactly like what I had bought for my men.  I mentioned losing the finger rosaries to another lady sitting at the table with me and she told me to take that particular finger rosary and if anyone else mentioned they had lost a finger rosary I could always give it to that person.  (I was soon to discover that this was the first rosary returned to me!)  A group of us decided to wait outside Ivan Dragicevic’s (one of the visionaries) home during his apparition that evening.  As I walked outside the gate at our host’s home to Ivan’s (right across the street) I looked down and there was another finger rosary!  Two were returned to me now.  As we were watching the miracle of the sun at Ivan’s, I glanced down again and there was a third finger rosary!

I couldn’t believe the Blessed Mother had returned all three finger rosaries to me!  Thank you, Blessed Mother!  The tears came again, this time of amazement and awe and thanksgiving. 

Since that time my son has returned to the Church and Jerry has agreed to go to Medjugorje and believes something is indeed transpiring there. 

Jo Forck- Jefferson City, Missouri, USA

LuElla Eggenberger

In 1997 I went to Medjugorje with many petitions in my heart.  I was on the Mountain when Ivan received his message from our Blessed Mother.  As I was busy praying for the people in my heart I felt our Lady say to me give Alice a hug for me.  I was surprised as she had been away from the church for many years.  When I returned home my sister Alice was at my mothers house and she asked me how my trip went.  I hesitated but could feel our Lady say give her my message.  I went to my sister and hugged said our Blessed Mother said to give you a hug.  She left the house crying the following Sunday she returned to church and came back to the fullness of her faith.  Within a year her husband who had been away longer than my sister returned to the faith.  Both became very faithful to our Lady and her message.  My sister died recently but praise God she died in peace and grace.

JoAnn Nickels

This is a very short summary of the whole story. In 1988 I learned o the messages and apparitions of Our Lady of Medjugore. I started LIVING them. Something was happening. My heart changed. I had two profound dreams. One was an encounter with Our Lady. The other was all in symbolism that I did not completely understand. On June 30th 1991 while I was wide awake,  I was engulfed in an absolute feeling of peace  as I was shown the dream I had had like I was watching a tv movie and it was all explained to me and I was in full knowledg, not my own knowledge, but something out of this earth, that I was in the prescence of God while the dream was being explained to me. I was shown that I would go to Romania and adopt an orphan from the warehouses of the “Irricoverables. I was shown where I would live and other things about my future,”. And to make a long story very short. It all came to pass. I tried to type out the whole story, but it was too long for the message section and it wasn’t accepted. The messages completely changed my heart and life. Each day I offer to Jesus, the love of my life. Thanks

Janet Hilliard

In August of 1996, our prayer group went on pilgrimage to Italy and Medjugorje.

During our stay in Medjugorje, members of our prayer group experienced a miracle. It was a hot August night. The sun was still shining outside after evening Mass in Saint James Church so we decided to have our regular Tuesday night prayer meeting. We gathered on the benches near the Gazebo behind the church. When it became dark, we left and began walking to the home in which we were staying. It was located near the base of Mount Krizevac. We walked through a little woods which opened to a field and were now facing Mount Krizevac. We all saw the cross, on top of the mountain, lighting up. One person noticed the beautiful evening star above the mountain and to the left of the cross. It was sparkling so bright, changing in shape and alternating between figures of a dove and a cross. Others in our group noticed the phenomenon. We all were frozen with amazement knowing that only God could do such a performance as this! The sky was not obstructed by any clouds. Next, the star descended, went from left to right and then ascended. Suddenly the star began to dim and fade away as it totally disappeared. Wiped away from the Heavens, it returned just as a comet being tossed into the sky. It was as if God had removed the star and returned it to it’s perfect place. The power of His gift was breathless and humbling to all. Prayer group members were on their knees or on their faces in total awe of His majesty. Many years after the trip, while reminiscing of this experience, we came to understand that the Lord blessed us with the Sign Of The Cross using His sparkling star.

Mary’s call for conversion of our hearts continues.

1. Who were the servants who walked in your life?

2. Where would your spiritual life be without the servants?

3. We must not wait to perfect the gifts God gave us before we become His servant.

4. He is the perfector of His gifts in us.

5. The message we bring through God’s gifts is His message.

6. We are His servants.

Let us pray for one another to uncover our gifts and shine His light on a darkened world!

LUKE 8:16 Now no man lighting a candle covereth it with a vessel, or putteth it under a bed; but setteth it upon a candlestick, that they who come in may see the light.


John Valentine

I met Jerry Morin at the Medjugorje Peace Conference at the Adorno Fathers Seminary on October 3, 1998. I heard his witness and beautiful music and purchased his book and cd’s To the World, which still inspire me today. That morning, before the conference, I looked out my front door and wrote down what I saw in the Eastern sky:”In the Eastern sky, I saw what appeared to be the Holy Spirit, then an arrow pointing South. This was followed by an outline of Europe and the Mediterranean with gray clouds over Russia, but Western Europe was clear. Then I saw an open silhouette of the United States of America followed by a silhouette of a man who was seen from the waist up, then tormented by pain, despair.” I thought the silhouette of the US was black and Mexico and Canada were gray. I assumed the man depicted was President Bill Clinton. I then went to the conference.

In 2000, the jubilee year of my parish, Immaculate Conception, Mahwah, New Jersey held a raffle for a $2500 prize to be used to travel anywhere in the world. As it would happen, I had a premonition that I would win the raffle. Upon going to the parish for the drawing, our pastor drew the winning ticket, which was mine! Noticing a flyer in the back of the church for a trip to Medjugorje, Rome and Assisi, I made the pilgrimage with the Pilgrims of Faith Marian Center in June of 2000. It was the highlight of my life. Seeing people from throughout the world made a deep impression with me about the universality of the Church.The climb up Cross Mountain was truly inspirational, but the Mass at St. James Church made me realize the connection between the apparitions and the Mass. Being unemployed at the time, my prayer was answered with a job being offered to me the following month.

As time would have it during the ensuing years, I have had my ups and downs, including successful cataract surgeries, three nervous breakdowns( which I now see the figure in pain was my own suffering during those breakdowns), but my faith is still strong. My family is rallying around me as well as my prayer group. I am rallying to go back to work, if I am mentally able, and hope the world will see an up turn in employment. A positive attitude and deep devotion to the Eucharist and the saints will hopefully see me through.

John Valentine- New Jersey, USA

Lucia and Frank Romano

The original reason my husband and I went to Medjugorje in 1987 was to ask Our Lady to heal our 10 year old daughter Teresa, of epilepsy. She had been suffering with grand mal seizures since she was 8 years old and had to be heavily medicated to control the seizures. Even so, she would continue to have them, I was heartbroken and constantly feared for her safety. We returned to Medjugorje in 1990 and this time we brought all 3 children. By then Teresa was 13, our son Tony was 21 and our other daughter Danielle was 19.

In the end, Teresa was healed from epilepsy. When we visited the home of Vicka, the visionary laid hands on Teresa’s head and prayed over her. Teresa never experienced another seizure after our return home. Cynical people say that Teresa just outgrew it, which can happen. Teresa did not ask Vicka to pray for her nor did Vicka know Teresa had epilepsy. In my estimation, Our Lady heard our prayers, PRAISE GOD!

No matter what, those 2 trips changed our lives forever and our family was richly blessed by that experience. When we returned home, we invited many to our house from different parishes and showed a BBC film explaining the events of Medjugorje. Our son Tony, showed the same film for the Newman Club at his college. As a result, many people journeyed to Medjugorje and spread the word when they returned. Medjugorje prayer groups began to springing up in neighboring parishes. The one I started has been going for 23 years and we number 12 women. In response to Our Lady’s insructions as to what She wanted prayer groups to do, we meet weekly, share the current message from Our Lady, pray the Rosary, the Chaplet, and study Scripture.

Thank you Mother for being with us all these years and continuing to lead us back to your Son, Jesus,

Many Blessings~

Lucia and Frank Romano-California, USA

Janet Cooper

  I believe the first time I heard of Medjugorje was when I was like in my 20’s from a magazine and then more from TV specials and then EWTN.  But that was not the first time Mary called me and I totally had forgotten about it until I was writing Father John Prenger to plead with him to not leave the priesthood.  I don’t even know if I sent the letter because I thought maybe he would not believe me when I talked about Mary’s calling.  When I was about 6 years old I actually talked with our lady.  I had asked in my mind while saying prays before I went to sleep to be able to see Our Lady.  What I remember is laying down to go to sleep but I was not sleeping.  In my mind, I was taken to a waiting room like you might see as a side room to a church and then the next thing I know I am standing (with I believe was my guardian angel but I didn’t see who it was) in front of a great bright yellow light and in it was Mary.  She looked like what I always thought she looked like such as like the statues I had seen in church.  She had the most beautiful voice and she told me “I am your mother” and being the kind of child I was I said but I already have a mother and she is mean.  She said “I am your heavenly monther.”  “You should honor your father and mother and listen to them.”  You see,  I didn’t like to follow rules very well.  I was an aggravating child and spoiled.  Probably still am if you ask my husband.  Anyway,  I think I asked her if I should become a nun but she said something like if that is what you are called to do. 

She really didn’t say one way or the other.  The meeting was short and I also said I wanted to tell everyone I saw her but she said that it wouldn’t go well.  But I was so happy to see her.  She also told me when this life was through that she would come to get me.  That is really all I remember.  When I told my two sisters and my mother at breakfast the next morning they told me I had been sleeping and dreamed it or I had been watching to many religious movies on TV.  Then when I insisted, my mother told me to shut up about it or she would hit me in the mouth.  So I didn’t mention it again but I was so happy I remember I didn’t want to go to school because I was so elated.  But then this meeting with Mary was erased from my memory until I wrote Father John and I have remembered it ever since which is very strange.
Even when I was a child, Cherubs would play around for my entertainment.  My mom had a statue of the Blessed Mother with cherubs on it.  They would come to life at night and I would watch them play leap frog, do hand stands, cartwheels, peek a boo etc.  and the Blessed Mother would hug and pat them on the head.  One of the cherubs went to far and was hanging off the ledge but the other cherubs pulled him up and he went like “Shew” and wiped his brow. 
I know I did not dream it because they usually came when I was home sick with a fever and the headache kept me awake.  I hope it will be helpful to others that Mary is calling us as her children to come back to God.
Sincerely, Janet Cooper


Jan Young

My conversion story began in earnest at the Heartland Marian Conference held in Des Moines, IA in 1992. I wasn’t even sure why I attended this conference because I had no real devotion to the Blessed Mother. I had heard stories of Mary appearing to 6 young people in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia and was curious to know more. What happened to me that weekend changed my life. That Friday evening Wayne Weible gave his conversion witness and lead us in praying the rosary. I hadn’t prayed the rosary for a long time until this conference but I had brought the rosary with me that I had been given when I converted to the Catholic Church. I was so enthused that night when I went home. I kept waking up thinking about Our Lady and how she was calling me and the thought kept occurring to me to go to confession. I hadn’t been to confession for over 20 years. Saturday morning found me up before dawn and at the auditorium bright and early. The day began with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, which I had never heard of before then. A priest spoke on the importance of Reconciliation, another nudge to go to confession. There were more witnesses and beautiful music before and during the Mass prior to lunch. I knew by then that I was going to make my confession. I was so nervous as I waited in line for a priest. You would have thought I was going in front of a firing squad. The priest that heard my long confession was very compassionate. After receiving absolution I felt like I could float back to my seat, such a heavy weight had been lifted from me. That evening I heard some people saying, “Go look at the sun!” My friend and I went outside and there were a handful of people there looking up at the sun. I was afraid to look at first but then felt reassured that I’d be OK. There was a white disc in front of the sun and spinning around the sun was something like a halo of bright, flashing colors. The evening ended with a healing service. This Marian Conference was the beginning of my new life in Christ.

I made my first pilgrimage to Medjugorje in 1994 and it felt like I was coming home. I have been blessed to be able to travel there 9 times since then. Medjugorje seems like a little piece of heaven to me. Even during the war it had a peace about it. The Blessed Mother continues to give us the messages to pray from the heart, to receive the Eucharist, to read the Bible, to fast and to confess our sins often. God is allowing her to come to Earth to bring us all back to her Son. I thank God from the bottom of my heart for sending the Blessed Virgin Mary to us in this way. If she had not taken me by the hand and turned me toward Jesus, I would have been a lost soul looking for and trying everything to fill up the void. That void, because of God’s grace and mercy, is being filled now with the love and peace of Christ.

Pat Barber

It’s been almost 20 years since my first trip to Medjugorje. How can I tell in words what the Lord and our Blessed Mother did for me?

I had been out of the Church about 16 years, battling all the Church stood for, having family problems and generally in a mess. My priorities were me, me, and me!

After my father died, Mom offered to take me and my siblings to Medjugorje. I fought it, arguing for a more suitable destination such as Paris or Ireland! I ended up after giving everyone a struggle, in Medjugorje! I promised not to take any pictures of “Holy Things”. I promptly lost my camera(it turned up on the last day!).I participated in the activities on a minimal basis. Mostly, I worried about the bombing going on around us. As the days passed in such love and peace, I had to admit there was something very strange going on!

With 2 days left, I decided I needed to go to confession. How could I go to Medjugorje and not even go to confession? I went to a priest who barely spoke EWnglish. All he asked was “Did I smoke?””Did I watch TV?” Here I had buckets of sin and that is all he said! I came away feeling on Cloud 9!

I was feeling so good that I agreed to go to the evening prayer service the tour guide and my brother( a deacon) led. Peter, the tour guide, stated we were all in Medjugorje for a reason, and we needed to come up and be prayed for, for that reason. I thought “I’m here for Andrew, my son.” So I went up for prayer. They placed their hands over me, and I ended up flat on the floor! SLAIN IN THE SPIRIT! A huge, burning, red banner filled my chest.”Andrew will be OK.” I lived in a marshmallow, warm safe cloud for days!! I had no idea what hit me!

I kept asking”What is going on with me? Is this real?” I was praying! I prayed for a sign to show me that I hadn’t completely gone over the edge! I was in a bubble of glory!

The next night, I prayed the Rosary but fell asleep before finishing. I awoke during the night, went to the bathroom and returned to bed. I found my Rosary under my pillow. It was HOT! Able to be touched, but HOT! It lasted about 5-10 seconds and I heard this voice inside me,”Be at peace”. A women’s voice so beautiful I can only say if the word “love” could be made into a sound, that was the voice. My Mother! My sign! Thank you, Mary!

And so- this is my story. But that was almost 20 years ago(1991). Looking back over the years is really the “conversion”. My husband and I are in love, we have a family living in peace and love! I’ve been quietly active in my Church. I helped with the Des Moines Marian Conference in 1992. I blindly started a Legion of Mary. I have been a lay member of the Intercessor of the Lamb for almost 16 years. OUR LADY is the head of this family! AND She continually draws me closer to Her and Her Son!

Thank you for your service to Mary!

Pat Barber- Des Moines, Iowa-USA

Br. Karl   Vey, SFO

I know our Lady is calling us every day!

Please let us listen to her words.

Pray the Rosary every day.


Br. Karl  SFO

astrid siefert

In June 2001, when I was in Medjugorje for the first time our pilgrimage group was at Fr. Jozo’s church.  It was such a hot day that I thought perhaps I was semi-delirious because I heard, “Become a Catholic”.  It was loud and clear so I looked around thinking others may have heard the voice too.  No, everyone else was focused on Fr. Jozo at the front of the church.  Oh Lord, is that You? I wondered, not at all wanting to be Catholic, but afraid of offending God with a rebellious attitude! Thankfully, a few days later, I was able to receive some counsel from Fr. Svet who advised me to talk to trusted ministers when I returned home to Canada, and simply let things settle.  (Excellent advice!) Eventually, when major changes happened in my living and work situation, and I moved back to Rochester, NY to care for my 94 year old father, God “spoke” again on this matter.  This time, He showed me a banner that read “St. Louis Church”.  I knew that was the Catholic church in my father’s town. The timing was perfect, and I was ready!  After months of RCIA I joined the Catholic Church at Easter Vigil, 2008, seven years after God spoke to me in Medjugorje!  Praise God!


Darlene Kaufer

  Beginning with my first pilgrimage to Medjugorje in 1996, my life has been a journey blessed by God in many ways.  It is always a call to follow our Lord with love and faith.  I have received miracles both spiritual and physical; the first was in confession in Medjugorje.  Our Mother loves us and wants only to help us reach our home in heaven.  Blessed Mother’s coming to Medjugorje is a great grace that God has given usto show his tender love and mercy. 

I believe that Jerry’s music and mission is truly one of the lights that has been given to us to help us on our journey to our true home.  I pray that I will always be able to see the path that God has for me.  I also pray that all will answer our Mother’s call.  May we reach out and take her hand as her children, and let her lead us home.

Theresa Collins

On January 11, 1994, I lost my husband to pancreatic cancer. I was devastated. My life was in pieces. I felt like Humpty Dumpty! I didn’t know how to put my life back together again.

I had a great love for Our Lady and Our Lord. I heard about Medjugorjein 1987 and was driven to go there, but the time opened for me in September, 1995. I was still grieveing on the loss of my husband and I knew in my heart that only Our Lord and Our Lady could help.

When I arrived in Medjugorje with a group lead by Father Leroy Smith, it was the middle of the night.After 3 hours sleep, we were up again and headed for Apparition Hill. Father Smith forgot his pilgrim’s prayer book from Medjugorje. I had one and offered it to him. He asked me to hold onto it. When we arrived on the top,he asked me to read the prayer to everyone. I began and could hardly pray the words. Everythiong in that prayer was what I was feeling in my heart and soul.

As the week progressed, joy began to return to my heart. Healing was taking place, little by little. I was totally engulfed in Our Lady’s and Our Lord’s love, peace, and joy. Little by little, I was beginning to feel whole again.

I received many blessings and gifts there. It would take too long to tell. The greatest giftwas to see hte unbelieveable faith and generosity of the villagers. their great love and devotion to Our Lord and Our Lady, their daily sacrifices given with joy. 

My healing continued when I returned home. I returned to Medjugorje in the Fall of 1997, accompanied by my 75 year old friend. The peace and joy we both received was like an explosion in our hearts.

Our Lady’s mantle, love and guidance continues to surround me. My life has changed sooo much by saying “YES” and answering the CALL.She has lead me to a deeper and greater love for Her and Her Son, Jesus.

Jody Rottmueller

I have never been to Medjugorje, but I have been to Lourdes in 1999, which was a childhood dream/wish. Incredible peace and happiness experienced.

Because of where my life was in all those years, I never could go to Medjugorje. Never felt Our Lady’s call. But the Mother of God came to me through a person I did not meet for 2-3 years after he started bringing me things on his return trips. He was a friend of a friend(his name Jim). I am in an abusive marriage and Our Lady lifted me up through all the things I received(rosaries made from the rocks, rosaries with different colored mysteries for different countries, a 18″ crucifix made from the wood gathered at Medjugorje). I could go on and on. I also gave Jim medals to have blessed for me. This continued as Jim witnessed to me of his conversion and all experienced there.

Then Our Lady started bringing more people into my life, which resulted in more witnessing about the powerful conversions that happened there.

I had really moved away from Our Lady in the 70’s and 80’s. Considering my baptismal name is Mary Jo and my mother promised Our Lady her first born daughter would be named after her.(this from seeing the Song of Bernadette in the 1940’s)

I could write pages, as I know many thousands could, to the witness of what Our Lord and Our Lady have done for me and my family and about the Mercy of God. Through the power of Our Lady’s intercession, I came totally back to Her.

This is my second Marian Conference( Louisville Marian Conference) this year. The first being at Notre Dame in May, 2010. Thank you Mother and thank you. Jesus, for your love and faithfulness.

Jody from Ohio


Kathy Brouillette

I went to Medjugorje in the fall of 2007, after wanting to go for at least 12 years. It was not difficult for me to believe in the authenticity of the apparitions, because as Jesus said,”by their fruits you shall know them,” And Medjugorje has been fruitful in terms of conversions, vocations, etc.

I didn’t go to Medjugorje to see signs and wonders. I went because I believed the Mother of God appeared there. I wanted to participate in the Mass, climb Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain, to just “be” there and soak it all in!

Medjugorje is prayer boot camp. Personally, I loved every minute of it and was sad to see my pilgrimage end. Like water in a sponge, my heart “soaked up” the prayer there. I left a piece of my heart in Medjugorje- someday I want to return to visit there, with Mary.

What struck me most was the incredible peace in Medjugorje. I think it comes from living a life of prayer and seeing how the villagers lives revolved around God and not God around their lives. And that’s the challenge- to put God in first place and not get distracted by the noise and activities of our lives, once you get back from pilgrimage!

Frank Krider

Although I have never been to Medjugorje and probably never will be able to go there, I very much want to know more about all of Her appearances. In my opinion, even though Medjugorje has not been authenticated by the Church, any devotion to Mary will benefit the Body of Christ.

John and Amy Kavanaugh

Our Mother has helped us to see that we have to work together for the salvation of souls. She has helped us to see our own mortality and that we should not waste a minute not loving Her Son. She will bring us closer to Him and the true way of how to love Him. There is nothing greater than loving the Triune God!

John and Amy Kavanaugh- Indiana

Kendra LaBarge Spadoni

The Blessed Mother healed me at Lourdes, May, 1989. MS is in remission. She has continued to bless me and my family. My trip to Medjugorje helped me to receive reconciliation after 8 years.

Kendra- Alabama

Katherine Black

Our Lady put a longing in my heart to go to Medjugorje. I am not a very learned person. I have had very little education due to my childhood. So the longing in my heart is not from myself. Nor am I a rich person. So it truly was a miracle that I got to go. GOD’S WILL! I haven’t any big event to say, but what I was given is a tender, warm, loving connection to Medjugorje and it has become a part of me. When I was there, I saw the pulsing of the sun. I never thought much about it. When I closed my eyes I saw a sea of red and when looking outside the color was a very intense red.

The gift I believe I brought back, is a knowing and understanding and longing to be in the Presence that is with me. Also, I have an instatnt connection to anyone who has been to Medjugorje. What I have written has come from my heart and is true.

Katherine Black- Indiana

Deborah Wilson

In Medjugorje, I finally learned and experienced the joy of the Cross. It had always been a thing of sorrow for me, but not anymore! I now see God’s love and salvation through it in a very real way. What Joy!

Deborah- Kentucky

Jean Krider

I have never been to Medjugorje. I had shyed away from it, due to hearing some of the controversy. I read where the bishop of the area wanted to stop pilgrimages. I decided I would just wait to see what happened.

Through the Louisville Kentucky Marian Center, I heard about their weekend conference. My husband and I attended and really didn’t know too much about the Medjugorje appearances but I did know a few people who had gone and were in awe of the experience. In listening over the weekend, it sounded like Our Lady was/is pleading with us to listen to Her and change our lives in order to change/save the world. Nothing was ever anything that did not agree with the Church. So, I figure, if the devil is fighting this hard to keep it down, it must be a good thing!


Elizabeth Barton

I had a major conversion experience in Medjugorje, in December of 1988. I began to appreciate and love the Holy Mass as never before, as well as the Blessed Mother and Jesus. I saw spinning sun miracle and experienced such peace that I had never known before.

Elizabeth Barton- Kentucky

Rose Radasevich

The Blessed Mother has always been in my life at my birth, during teen years, falling in love, and my marriage of 51 years, and recently the death of my husband. Ever since the Medjugorje trip with my husband 20 years ago, I have had peace through my troubled times. THANK YOU, MARY.

Rose- Missouri

June Salsman

Went to Medjugorje in early 1980’s with group from Steubenville. Have always believed this truly is the Blessed Mother. I saw the miracle of the sun and the Cross. Mary will always be very special to me. Went back to Medjugorje in the 1990’s with my husband. Amen.

Mary Effie Goodwin

Two of my children and I went to Medjugorje in 1990. My son had forgotten how to say the Rosary. After returning, we all became daily Mass goers and communicants. Our love for the Church grew over the years. Our prayer lives grow each day. We have continued a prayer group for twenty years!

Our lives and those around us were changed by the experience in Medjugorje!

Mary Effie Goodwin- Louisville, Kentucky

Jim Lynch

Marie and I first visited Medjugorje in the hot summer of 1993. We had been helping with Medjugorje Magazine for a few years and knew that we “needed” to be there. Friends cautioned us,” Don’t you know there is a war going on over there?” That really didn’t cause us any real concerns. We “knew” that we would be OK! As it turned out, we were a lot more than OK, more than I ever could have imagined.

The trip to get there was a physical struggle, but as the bus pulled into Medjugorje, it was if I felt a breath of fresh air. In my mind, the air was different. It was uplifting, exciting! I didn’t even feel the heat that was present that day. In spite of the tiredness, aches, and heat, I felt refreshed!

 Those days of our first pilgrimage will forever be among the most treasured experiences. We have heard about the assorted miraculous events that other pilgrims have been able to witness, but have never seen those “things” ourselves. For me, the most wonderful impact has been the strong sign of our Catholic faith that I saw in residents of Medjugorje- those we met who have lived there through their whole lives. These were people who have maintained their Faith through hardships that I could hardly imagine tolerating. They continue to be in my thoughts when I weaken.

Over the last seventeen years, we have been fortunate to visit Medjugorje many times. All have been great events in their own right, but none are etched in my mind like that first pilgrimage.

All sorts of people have helped me in my Faith life. Marie is the first on that list! I never would have had all those experiences, had it not been for Marie in the first place. I have been very lucky to have been in the company of many good and holy people over many years. Medjugorje is one truly marvelous living experience that continues to fill my heart even when we can’t be there. Medjugorje is an experience of Faith that lives in me no matter where I am. I thank God and Our Lady for all of this!

Jim Lynch- Shorewood(Joliet), Illinois

Marie Campise

My sister, Paula Wilson, and I went to Medjugorje together. Our brother was out of the Church and his wife had no faith background. They had two small daughters that they had baptized Catholic. My sister and I decided to give up coffee and fast on Wednesdays and Fridays for their conversion.

I went to their house when I came back from the trip and told my sister-in-law that I was taking her to RCIA so she could learn the Catholic Faith and teach it to her children. “My brother doesn’t go to Church”, I said,”So you will have to teach them.”She agreed!

The next Easter, she became Catholic and my brother returned to the Church. Now my sister-in-law teaches CCD at their parish!

Marie Campise- Oakbrook, Illinois

Mary Baumer

I had heard about Medjugorje in the late 1980’s but put it in the back of my mind, as at the time, I was a fallen away Catholic. In 2000, my husband of 33 years walked out and divorced me, which was a complete surprise! I had attempted suicide twice. My sister had given me a video of Jerry Morin’s “To the World” and I watched it. The hunger that consumed me was overwhelming. I bought Jerry’s book and anything I could get my hands on regarding Medjugorje. I hated and was scared to fly on an airplane, but the hunger was so intense to go to Medjugorje. So, I told Mother Mary if She would put Her Mantle over the plane to protect me, I would trust Her and Her Son, Jesus! So, I went in October, 2000. It wasn’t about the miracles I received and was blessed with, but the peace and love that I felt in Medjugorje. I was called back in 2001, 2002, and 2003! I returned to the Church after 25 years and I am so in love with Jesus and Mary that it gives me a high just to talk about Them!

I apologized to Jesus and told Him I would take the vow of Chastity and that I would work for Him the rest of my life. Whatever His Will for me, I am ready!. For there is NO greater love than that of Jesus and His Mother. I told Jesus one night that if it took my husband to walk out to get one person in my family on their knees, then it must be me and I thank Him each and every day.

Mary Baumer- Louisville, Kentucky

I am Marilynn Lambert’s sister.

Marie Lynch

My husband and I came on pilgrimage to Medjugorje the first time in 1993. We were both grieving terribly over the injuries done to our daughter and the subsequent damage that has been impacting our whole extended family ever since.

We have returned many times to Medjugorje, to strengthen our faith and trust in God as our loving Father in our deepening relationship with Him and each other. Each time, more peace is renewed in our hearts.

We have also brought numerous people with us to Medjugorje who have experienced great things in their own lives. Many have also joined us in sponsoring a child who lost a parent during the Bosnian War.

Because of Medjugorje, our Catholic Faith is much more precious to us. We are striving to live Mary’s messages in our daily lives. Prayer from the heart,daily Mass, monthly confession, the Rosary, are all priorities for us that were not as strong before we came to Medjugorje. God has blessed us through this holy place.

Marie Lynch- Shorewood(Joiliet), Illinois

Emily Ann Knoerr

Throughout my life I have been a practicing Catholic, meaning going to Mass on Sundays and praying when I had time. But life seemed to always get in the way. As I have gotten older, I have felt this desire and have prayed for God to fill me with His Spirit and show me the way. I have been spending more time in prayer and I have noticed the more I pray, the more I want to pray. During this Louisville Marian Conference, I have begun to feel a urgency to pray; an urgency to reach out to others to bring them into the fold. I have not been to Medjugorje, however my friend who has been there has filled me with her inspiration.

Emily Ann Knoerr- Kentucky

Patricia Horton

God has given me many gifts of the Holy Spirit after going to Medjugorje. I was given the gift of healing. I have given my life to doing the work of the Lord, particularly to assist women in crisis pregnancies. I direct the Louisville group of The Helpers of God’s Precious Infants. I pray daily at the abortion mill here.

I direct a group of elementary children in a Rosary Club, making rosaries and teaching children about the Rosary.

I live to do the Will of God as is my understanding.

Patricia Horton- Kentucky

Mary Hall

I have been praying for the last couple of years for a relationship with Our Blessed Mother. The Louisville conference and the witness is a huge step in bringing me closer to Mary.

Mary Hall- Corydon, Indiana

Paula Lowry

In 1988, my husband and I went to Medjugorje. We went to watch the children at an apparition the 1st evening. All at once, they went down on their knees. All together, they looked up! I was so moved! I knew in my heart that Our Lady was a few hundred feet from us!

I started to cry. My husband said,”What’s wrong?” I said,”Nothing, Our Lady is talking to Her children.” He said,”and you see Her?” I replied,”Heaven’s NO, but She is there!” It was 25 degrees. By now, I was sobbing. I took off a goose down jacket and then a cardigan sweater. My husband said, “What are you doing??” I said,”I am burning up.” He felt my stomach and said,”WE ARE LEAVING. YOU’RE SICK.”I pleaded with him. “I’m in awe of everything. I’m not sick. I’ve never been so happy. LET ME PRAY PLEASE-“

I never told anyone about it, until a young visionary from Equador invited my husband and I to visit her and her husband in Equador. She said,” I have a very special priest I want you to meet”. So while in Equador, we drove 5 1/2 hours to visit Fr. Ottmier. We had Mass with him, dinner, and stayed overnight with him. Before we were getting ready to leave, I begged them to just let me go to confession first. They agreed. After confession, Father asked me where I got my strong faith. I told him, my parents! He shook his head NO and said, “You had something very special happen to you.” That is when I told him about Medjugorje. He looked at me and said,” All that burning was the Holy Spirit entering your heart.” I was sobbing again.I was so grateful to know.

When we left, my friend told me that Fr. Ottmier is just like Padre Pio. He reads souls! I already saw a huge change in my life, but I guess I’ll have to keep trying til my last day. Our Lady always brings us closer to Her Son and the Father and the Holy Spirit! THAT IS WHAT OUR LADY DOES!

Paula Lowrey- Kentucky/Florida

Carol De Ghelder

When I took my son to Medjugorje as a teenager, he was into drugs and was a high school dropout. He had quit going to church. He made his confession on Cross Mountain. Today, he is a very good Catholic and I give all the credit to Our Lady. I am a stronger Catholic because of my devotion to Mary.

Carol De Ghelder- Maryland Heights, Mo

Carolyne Mertz

I have been to Lourdes, Fatima, Garabandal, Guadalupe, many places in Rome and Spain, also in Canada; but never have I found such peace as in Medjugorje.

The stars were so bright, everything so peaceful- I didn’t care if I ate or drank; this was in 1989.

I always tell people about the feeling of peace in Medjugorje.

Carolyn A. Mertz- Maryland Heights, Missouri

Greg Beam

I went to Medjugorje, June 26th, 2010, and it was a very powerful trip.On the last day that we were there, we went to the Blue Cross where the Blessed Mother was appearing to one of the visionaries. The crowds were large, so we could not see the Blue Cross. We were behind a row of bushes. A woman who was traveling with us had a camera to take a picture. She aimed the camera at the bushes and snapped a picture.What was on the picture, were the bushes and in the middle of the bushes was a bright light with thousands of fingers of light coming from the center. In the center of the bright light was a red cross and above the red cross was a perfectly round Host, and all these were encompassed inside of a human eye, and above the eye is the Sacred Heart of Jesus.The lady who took the picture made copies and gave them to anyone who wanted one.

I now have this picture on my prayer altar at home, where I pray the Rosary every night before I go to bed. The Blessed Mother is changing my life. Medjugorje is a place where miracles happen everyday! I witnessed one with the picture. We have been told that the Bright Light is a common occurance when the Blessed Mother is leaving the visionaries.

Greg Beam- Alabama

Debbie Beach

I have started my relationship with the Blessed Mother.

I used to pray the Rosary daily and quit. Then I just prayed it here and there, putting the Blessed Mother on the back burner!

Now, I am renewed in the Blessed Mother.

Debbie Beach- Gulfport, Mississippi

Wanda Lizana

I was asked by a friend to attend this seminar, the Louisville Marian Conference, in Kentucky. Her sister had told her about it, and without hesitation, I said YES!

The message of the weekend has been that each of us need to use our spiritual gifts to promote the Message of Jesus Christ and His Mother,”Our Lady”. I feel that I need to do something in my parish, but I am not sure what, yet. I will need to pray and meditate on this.

The Lord has been good to me even though I have had numerous trials and tribulations. I pray to keep the faith and look to my Mother Mary to sustain my faith.

Wanda Lizana- Mississippi

Kathleen Mattix

Medjugorje drew me closer to Mary. All my prayers are said now to Jesus thru the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

 Kathleen Mattix- New Albany, Indiana

Shirley Ann Parsons

Mother Mary has affected my life in many good ways. At the death of my father by suicide, She was a great help to my mother and to our family. My mother forgave my father, therefore I had to. At a visit to a shrine in Cincinatti, Ohio, Mother Mary told my mother that She rescued my father.At the recent death of my mother in April, Mother Mary has helped me. I know that my parents are now both in Heaven, giving honor and glory to God, our Father.

Shirley Ann Parsons- St. Louis, Missouri

Therese Beakes

Medjugorje changed my life and my family’s and my neighborhood and all whom I have witnessed to.

It has brought me closer to God through His Mother Mary, with renewed devotion to the Rosary, daily Mass, weekly confession, prayer with the heart, and love for Jesus in the Eucharist, and love for daily Holy Hours. I am truly blessed! Thank You, Lord!

Therese Beakes

Bettye Vaught

Someone at work told my husband about Medjugorje, and how her Rosary had turned gold when she was there. He came home and told me about it. I believed immediately, and had a tremendous conversion. We had stopped going to church since 20 years ago. (protestant churches). We signed up for RCIA calsses and became Catholics. Since then, I have gone to daily MAss and prayed several Rosaries every day.

I joined the Dominican laity and a ministry also. Our daughter brought a friend of hers into the Catholic Church!

Bettye Vaught- Jeffersonville, Indiana

Mary Lavin

I was praying in front of the Blessed Mother in the grotto at our church after the 7:00 Am Mass one weekday morning. I told Her how much I loved Her Son and that I would really like to know Her more and love Her like I love Her Son. I proceeded to walk out the back of the church to leave when I came across two parishoneers talking. They were talking about how the one individual was going back to Medjugorje and the other individual proceeded to chime in that she had been there 13 times! He had only been there 6 times! I was listening to them and how much they love Our Lady and the experiences they had. This went on for several minutes. All of a sudden the lady looked at me and said”you are not here by mistake. The Blessed Mother is inviting you to come to Medjugorje to see Her.” I got chills up and down and by May, I was on a plane to see Our Lady and my life has not been the same since!”

Jean Hess

I have been “touched” by coming here to Louisville, Kentucky from Atlanta, Georgia to hear Fr. Donald Calloway speak, not knowing that it was a MARIAN conference! As it is my 76th birthday, I was surprised by Mary to have this WHOLE EVENT be my Marian family!

My inspiration is to bring this whole event to Conyers, Georgia to spread the word”A TIME TO WITNESS”by the Servants to the World Mission, in gratitude for my pilgrimages to Medjugorje in 1986-87.

Jean Hess-Georgia

Joan Schindel

My visit to Medjugorje in 2006 still is very much alive in me today! My faith was awakened as I walked the streets, was present during apparitions and attended Holy Mass.

I returned and try to be the fruit thereby planting seeds to those I love and meet. Every time I see the sun spin, pray the Rosary, or read articles I relive the blessed time.

I need to work more on the Blessed Mother’s messages, especially fasting and confession. I know with Her Holy intercession, I can accomplish this.

Joan Schindel- North Vernon, Indiana

Jack State

On my second to last day In Medjugorje, a Thursday, I decided to go back to Apparition Hill with 3 of my friends. As we climbed up the hill, we started the Srrowful Mysteries of the Rosary. When we got to the top of the hill, I was leading the last mystery of the Rosary, when I got to the 7th Hail MAry. I smelled a wave of fragrant roses. Then I felt Our Lady each into my soul and take all my worries and concerns and lifted themfrom me! Then I heard, not with my ears, but inside my soul, Our Lady spoke to me and said,” Listen to My SOn” and then Jesus said,”Give me your petitions.” Then I was flooded with a peace I cannot describe. I did not want to leave!

Jack State- Kentucky

Esther Endris

In the early 90’s, I became interested in the image of Our Lady appearing every where and wondered what this could mean. As a protestant, I knew very little about Our Lady, but with the help of my best friend and with books about Mary, I became more and more aware of Her around us. I learned the prayer of the Rosary and began praying it for our soldiers in Desert Storm, all the while reading more and more about Our Lady and even Medjugorje. In time, Medjugorje became a desire in my heart to go see and experience! One month after the end of the Bosnisan War in August of 1996, my friend and I were traveling as pilgrims to Medjugorje. All fears that formerly plagued me about flying had been dismissed, as now this seemed to be the most important event in my life! Needless to say, Our Lady stole my heart, greatly increased my love for Her Son Jesus, and ushered me into the Catholic Church the following Spring!. All those unanswered dillimas that the Protestants have, just seemed to melt away. Little confirmations came often to me and my family that this was in God’s Will.

It is now 14 yeqrs later, and I dearly love the Catholic Faith and follow Our Lady’s messages as best as I can.


Angelita Francia,MD

I am a devoted child of Our Blessed Mother Mary. I believe that my life has been changed because of my devottion to Our Lady of Medjugorje. My life has been happier and I have more confidence in myself because I know that Our Lady of Medjugorje is always there for me. I live alone and now I have no fear because I know my Mother is always near me, always with me, and watching me. My worries are all gone. My devotion to Our Lady of Medjugorje helped me to be successful and confident in all areas of my life. My dear Mother Mary helped me to be a better person. Now my son, whom I am praying to return to the Church, is starting to come back and I know it is because of my prayers to Our Lady of Medjugorje. I am hoping to be in Medjugorje in the near future.

Dr. Angelita Glean Francia, MD- Louisville, Kentucky

Catherine Newton

We got a picture of Our Lady of Medjugorje at a healing Mass in Fredricksburg at Holy Trinity Mass. I picked up a picture of Her and on the back it had a prayer and Mary told a visionary of the Secret Weapons She left to help people to fight satan, such as the Rosary, Mass, prayer, fasting, and Scripture(the Bible). This got me asking questions about Her . How beautiful this picture is. Then my sister told me about the conference(Louisville Marian Conference), which has led me to a closer relationship and understaning of Medjugorje.

Catherine Newton- New Haven, Kentucky

Anna Kay

Found a pamphlet of Our Lady of Medjugorje while in the Chapel at my hometown of New Haven. Our Lady let me know that I should come to this conference(Louisville Marian Conference). I have found this an awesome privilege and experience. I hope to be Our Lady’s and Jesus’ witness and grow closer in holiness, closer to God, Jesus, and Our Lady.

Anna Kay- New Haven, Kentucky

Wilfrido Baylon

I have experienced very significant and meaningful changes in overall outlook with optimism on life, especailly the spiritual part— with faith, hope, and charity powering activities in day to day life.

Wilfrido M. Baylon- Prospect, Kentucky

Mary Jo Knudson

I have come to the Louisville Marian conference, interested in Medjugorje. For several years I have done much reading and have attended 4 conferences. I brought members of my family. That started us anticipating the next coference. My daughter is planning a trip to Medjugorje.

Mary Jo Knudson- Girard, Illinois

Cheri Misner

In my trip to Medjugorje, in 1994, I found a new and stronger love for Jesus through Mary.The Rosary has become a staple in my life.

Mary Lee Heaton

I listened to Wayne Weible’s tape on his conversion story and I stopped dead and began to cry uncontrollably. I knew that I knew that it was real. I ached to go to Medjugorje. I prayed for 4 years to go. I had a dream that I was to go to Medjugorje! Two days later, a lady called me and said I was to go! I went and my whole life was given to Our Lady and Her Son, Jesus. My pilgrimage continues today, 20 years later. My husband and I had become quite worldly and did not go to Church as we should. Today, we attend daily Mass and are very active in our parish. Our Lady of Medjugorje brought us back and has kept us on our journey.

Another aspect of this conversion story is that my husband quit drinking and he had been drinking heavily.

Our Lady and Our Lord have been very good to us and I thank Them.

Lee Heaton- Kentucky

Anonymous per request

In college, my son fell into serious drug use and drug dealing. He was arrested and was facing serious jail time due to felony charges. Today, his life is in order, 180 degrees from where he was two years ago, and he is pursuing a Ph.D at a prestigious university.

This turn around is all due to the intercession of Mary. His mother and I prayed the Rosary devoutly for 2 years prior to his arrest. His arrest was a first of a number of miracles the past 2 years that reflect Mary’s gentle touch. He is back in the hands of God due to Mary’s motherly love. Our prayers to Mary were answered with an outcome beyond our wildest expectations.

I firmly believe in the power of The Rosary.

Caroline Howell

I’m so glad that I got to come to this Louisville Marian Conference. I have always wanted to go to Medjugorje, but I’ve never gotten there. I have read several books and watched tapes. I have always believed that the apparitions are authentic and still do.

This conference has opened my eyes to what Our Blessed Lady is trying to tell us. I am amazed at all the things you have experienced and know that you must be a tremendous influenece in the lives of many people.

Also, Fr. Calloway truly has an amazing story and I was very much impressed with him!

Caroline Howell- Kentucky

Nancy Lyon

My first time to Medjugorje in 1993 was not my idea. Someone told me that I was supposed to go. I had never been out of the country and wasn’t too excited about the idea, strange country and they were at war! I ignored at first but got 3 confirmations. That trip was my (reconversion) trip.

2nd time in 1994, I was with some friends and we were traveling Europe for 5 weeks. In Medjugorjeat Easter, a Croatian man came up to me, showing me papers and seemed desparate about something. He wanted to take me and my friends to Mostar and show us the devastation. We also got to go to the refugee camps and other places that we felt were “danger” or secret places. We weren’t sure why this happened at the time. I met a woman who spoke English and Croatian, Maria Finley, who I would see again in Kentucky.

Back home, I wondered why I was allowed these 2 trips to Medjugorje, both during the war. My spiritual director told me that God would let me know. In 1996, my church was celebrating its 100th anniversary and I was asked to collect history. It turned out the nun that was ahead od the priest in our parish wouldn’t take any of my work.I had collected 3 notebooks full and people were askong for copies. I felt I didn’t have time to copy all these things for everyone, because as I had said” I’m working for Our Lady and don’t have time for that.” So I started fixing up some of it in a small book for myself and it turned into a major project. I felt the Holy Spirit, St. Francis of Assisi(our parish patron}, and Our Lady with me each day for the 6 weeks it took me to write 225 pages. While writing this, I knew that Our Lady wanted this book! I had a 1000 books printed and in 1997 I took the proceeds from all the books to Medjugorjeand gave them to an orphanage in Split. I met the priest, gave him the gift in cash tucked inside my book. and saw the orphanage, and met the orphans. The lady that I had met in 1994 was the one that God sent to me to give me this priest’s name! So— the insulation and roof went on the orphanage and heat that winter was installed. Thank You. Mary!

Nancy Lyon

PS– God let me see the ruins so I’d know the need for my book!

Connie Thompson

I started reading books about Medjugorje and became very interesed in Medjugorje and our Blessed Mother. I am a convert to the Catholic Church. I taught myself the Rosary. I went to Alabama, where one of the visionaries had visited. I joined a prayer group and went to many events. My parish priest brought me a rosary from Medjugorje. It is my favorite rosary and it turned gold after many prayers. I went to Medjugorje in 1996, with my prayer group of 10 ladies.I saw a cloud in the sky that looked like a beautiful dove, the Holy Spirit. Later that night, we saw a beautiful star in the sky. It looked like it came down to Earth and then went back up. It looked like it made the sign of the Cross. I believe in Medjugorje and the messages. It has brought me closer to Mother Mary and Jesus.

Connie Thompson- Louisville, Kentucky

Sandy and Jeff Fowler

We went to Medjugorje in October, 1988. The Coomunist government was quite obvious at the airport in Dubrovnik.

Jeff, his brother Joe and sister-in-law Carol, Jack and Mary Anne and myself were picked up at the airport by a man with a small bus. He had purchased the bus after giving up a lucrative job driving a truck. He drove us to Medjugorje, where we stayed at a farmhouse with no central heating system.

We spoke to Ivan at his home and climbed the mountain, etc. We went to hear Fr. Jozo speak at a church. He spoke for about 45 minutes and Jeff and I left to go back to the bus. The driver came out to getus because Fr. was blewssing everyone. We went back into the Church and were about 100 feet from Father. He made a B-line for us and came over to Jeff, who is blind. He took Jeff’s glasses off and put his thumbs on Jeff’s eyes. Jeff was not cured but we have become better Catholics because of the experience. Jack’s rosary turned gold!

Sandy and Jeff Fowler- Louisville, Kentucky

Ann Roth

I have met numerous people over the last few years who are believers in the apparitions and messages of Medjugorje. I was somewhat skeptical since each time I looked things up(google) on my own, I would find info on the controversy with the bishop and charges of disobedience. My friends who are believers have been consistent in their faith, have strong prayer lives, and for the most part have a peacefulness about them.

I have read a few books about Medjugorje. I have prayed for discernment. My skepticism continues, but I cannot help but be drawn to Medjugorje and the messages.

I just moved to Louisville from Virginia. I left behind a friend who is very devoted to Our Lady and Medjugorje. My new neighbor here shared,(in our first conversation), that she and her husband are huge fans of the Blessed Mother and had been to Medjugorje.

I believe that our meeting is part of the Lord’s plan to call me closer. It was my friend in Virginia that told me about the Louisville Marian Conference. Another friend had told me about Fr. Calloway a few years ago. There was no way that I could not come to this conference. It was a small 2×4 from the Lord to do something! Our Lady, Medjugorje, Fr. Calloway! All in one place!

My friend who is devoted to the messages has been so instrumental in my faith walk the last few years. She has been to Medjugorje and it was a big part of her conversion back to the Church. She has helped me strengthen my prayer life, surrender more fully to the Holy Spirit…so many things. I have been a bit lost without her but the Lord is continuing His work and I am sure there will be fruit from the conference.

Ann C. Roth- Louisville, Kentucky

Richard Norton

In 1990, a period of 15 years before, I prayed but did not go to Mass or confession. In 1988, my wife divorced after I had gone bankrupt due to real estate becoming real bad.I was a home builder and real estate broker. At the same time, I was under investigation by the FBI and Internal Revenue. They were trying to get enough on me so to force me to testify against a govenor and a husband. The pressure of bankruptcy, divorce, threat of jail, and worse caused me to have very high blood pressure.

My mother, bless her soul, had a book by Wayne Weible on Medjugorje. This had an unbelievable influence on me and started me back to the faith with Mother Mary, my love and my leader.

I was put in the hospital emergency with a major heart problem known as “the big one”, an aortic disection. Mine was inoperable. The doctor gave me weeks to live, then 2 years, then 1 year! This happened in 1992! Thanks to Mother Mary, I am still alive. She has, through a miracle, saved me. THANKS BE TO GOD.

Richard Norton- Louisville, Kentucky

Barbara Petersen

I identified with what the speakers at the Louisville Marian Conference were saying, to such an extent, that I was drawn to Confession for 2 sins that I did not know I was guilty of. Of course, the priest zeroed in on just exactly what I should hear!

The Blessed Mother has said recently to me in my mind, “Accept all the sufferings Jesus sends. Am I not your Mother!” I have also been awakened in my mind to “church bells ringing!”

The Louisville Marian Conference is drawing one closer to God, thru His Blessed Mother. We wouldn’t receive the graces that She is dispensing, if we weren’t here. The Blessed Mother is leading the way for us to follow, by increasing our faith in God and His Holy Saints.

Her hand is extended to us for all our problems and She leads the way out! Clouds are lifted and what is important, stands out.

Barbara Petersen- Louisville, Kentucky

Pat Keith

When my husband and I were dating, we broke up and did not see each other for 6 months. I was having a really hard time with the break up and I started saying the Rosary and every time, I would ask Her to help me in my pain. My husband was really gone and he was already dating someone else. I got so I would ask Her that if it could be the Father’s Will to send him back to me to love, and if not to please take away my pain. After asking for this a short time, he called after 6 months and then came back! He didn’t know what suddenly caused him to call, but I have told him that it was Virgin Mary’s nudge and he just smiles and doesn’t disagree with the reason!! We have now been together for 22 years! He is a wonderful husband and I have always felt that Our Lady helped send him to me.

Pat Keith- Louisville, Kentucky

Nancy Whitaker

It takes a while, but eventually the realization hits, I can’t fix this problem. I had been praying, but not giving up on my own ability to change things.

My youngest son, age 46, had been living at home for some time because, as an alcoholic, he could no longer function on his own. I had been told by priests and doctors that I was enabling him. I needed to let him hit bottom. I always caught him on his way down. One morning, while saying the Rosary, the realization of my own failures to cope, brought me to my knees. “Mother”, I said, “I no longer know what to do. I give him to You. He is Yours.”

Mary, my Mother, my Queen, did “tough love”. On February 16, 2008, while shopping in the grocery store, he had a seizure, probably from alcohol withdrawl. He sustained severe head and brain trauma and was eventually dismissed to a nursing home, in a coma, in what they called “persistant vegetative state”. I was encouraged to place ” DO NOT RESUSITATE” on his chart. In other words, if he starts to choke, let him die. While attending a retreat at Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center, known as “Mary’s Farm”, I was told by a priest that the DNR should be taken off his chart, that God was in charge of when he lived and when he died, not me. It has been said that anyone who goes to Mary’s Farm is called there by Her. I believe I was called there to save our son. The DNR was removed, he was anointed again, and 5 days later, he woke up.

During the next year, he recovered enough to make an oral confession, to receive the Eucharist( probably the first since his teen years), and to spend a few months with me, having ordinary conversations.

Since April, 2010, his health has declined. He seems to be slipping away from me again, into a deeper, deeper sleep. Our Lady performed Her miracle though, a son, on the road to perdition, is safely back in the fold.

Nancy Whitaker- Ramsey, Indiana

Judith Dodrill

1995- Medjugorje- Oasis of Peace Chapel, The Blessed Sacrament- white rays of light looked like a kalidescope as Jesus’ rays rotated and pulsated like a heart”boom boom with such love!”

1996- Medjugorje- Mt Podbrdo- Myself and two friends went up to the Cross. As I sat on a rock and prayed with my eyes closed, I saw, interiorly, a blue sky and deep from inside it, a “gold looking wedding band” came toward me, very faraway at first! As it raced toward me, it became very visible and then a red heart came thriugh it, the most beautiful red velvet heart! As it passed through the wedding band, the heart carressed froward like it was trying to “HUG ME” then the heart became large, and on the right side, a golden jewel like, appeared. The colors were so vivid!! and I felt so LOVED! JESUS/MARY “THE TWO HEARTS”

Judith Dodrill- Louisville, Kentucky

Calvin Patterson

A few days before my wife and I left for Medjugorje in July, 2001, I received my first visit from Our Lady. For the next three years, Our Lady gave me messages for “all who will listen”. I have been discerned by a panel of priests and the messages were declared to be worthy of instruction.

This experience has changed my life in so many ways. For one thing, I am hopelessly in love with my Mother. My relationship with Her is beyond my explanation. Words cannot describe the love, joy, and peqce that She has brought into my life.

Best regards~

Calvin Patterson-Cincinnati, Ohio

Karen Christine Schnieder

“I was living a very sinful life. It was around 1991. I moved from Thurman Ohio to Key Largo, FL with my boyfriend. I had been living with him in Ohio after meeting him in Louisville, KY and only knowing him for two weeks. Much to my parents’ disapproval, disappointment and shock- since I just left in the middle of the night without telling them.

Previous to this my mom had heard about the Blessed Virgin Mary appearing in Medjugorje to the children. My mom would tell me and my siblings about this and she even spoke about planning a trip to go there. I would listen but of course, was more concerned about worldly ways.

While living in Florida I was working as a cashier. I was working as the only cashier one early morning. Business was very slow. I was cleaning up and turned around to the counter behind me, where the bags were kept. I saw a little something on the counter. I picked it up. It was a medal with a picture of the Blessed Virgin on it with clouds under her feet. Below the clouds was written the word Medjugorje. No one else was around. That’s when the seed was planted.”

Karen Christine Schnieder- Indiana


Melinda LaHaie

I first heard of Medjugorje from my mother in 1985, and in October 1988 my husband and I made our first trip. We rediscovered our faith. When we got home and told my mother about our beautiful trip she looked at us and said, “Melinda you were called, but Larry you were chosen. You two need to find out what the Blessed Mother wants you do do for Her.” We are still searching, but Medjugorje brought us closer to our faith, to prayer and the sacraments, and closer to each other in our faith. We would love to go back someday.  God bless you all. Together in Jesus and Mary,

Our Dear Blessed Mother and Her messages of Medjugorje are a constant reminder of God’s love for all us and our  continuing pilgrimage to Heaven.


Melinda LaHaie


Grace Curcio/Groggel

In 1993, on my third trip to Medjugorje, to deliver clothes for the war effort, to Fr. Jozo’s church, myself and others were privileged to take part in Eucharistic Adoration at his church. While in prayer the Lord showed me a Gold Monstrance with rays of light continuously emanating from it. What a beautiful sight it was to behold!!! I was given to understand that the rays of light represented the endless graces of healing we can receive when we frequent Holy Communion.  I now understand that this was the personal message and blessing I was receiving for making that trip. Once again Our Lord’s generosity can never be surpassed!!! I will never give up on this message. I lift up my son everyday for his spiritual healing and for his return to the Church and her Holy Sacraments. I have faith in Our Lady and Her promises to save the souls of our loved ones in return for devotion to Her Son through Her. To Jesus through Mary!!! To the Triumph of the Two Hearts, I remain your friend in Christ, Grace Curcio/Groggel.

Teresa Dendis

Our Lady has helped and guarded me through many hardships and my current sadness. I Love Her!

Teresa Dendis- New York, USA

Jill Lee

Our Lady called me in the middle of the night and said “clear your calendar and come to me at the Marian Conference in Geneva. Of course you will come. Of course you will come.”

Jill Lee- New York, USA

Alice La Brun

I have tried to spread the message of Medjugorje to others. It was such a moving and spiritual experience for my husband and me.

Alice LaBrun- New York, USA

Marjorie Eshenour

I went to Medjugorje in May of !988. Father Jozo told us that the Blessed Mother was very patient, She waited 7 years for us to come! I know She is still calling me- all of us thirty years later. Thank you, Jerry, for reminding us to give testimony.

June Brown

When I first heard of Medjugorje, that is that our Blessed Mother was apparently there, I decided that I just had to go there. Problem #1- I would have to go alone with a tour group, but I figured I could do that as long as we traveled together. I figured I would meet some lovely people that I could tag along with! Problem#2- I had never flown and I had claustrophobic tendancies.I prayed that the Blessed Mother would make it possible for me to be able to stand being enclosed in the plane. I hoped for a seat on the aisle so I could see a distance forward. I figured that would make me feel less closed in. Everythoing worked out perfectly. Not only did I get an aisle seat, but I was seated next to a doctor, who was also going there!

I had never felt very close to the Virgin Mary, mostly because she was so perfect, so lovely, and so without sin that I felt I could not measure up to Her. However, after arriving there, I felt so close to Her. She was truly my Mother. I could feel Her love and care. While in Medjugorje, I saw the Miracle of the Sun. I saw, to my utter amazement, the large, concrete cross on Mt. Krizevac turn into a sillouette of the Blessed Virgin Mary and then turn back into the Cross. This happened many times and several other pilgrims also witnesed it. Other astonishing things happened. I did not want to leave Medjugorje! I felt as if I were at home. I could feel the holiness of the presence of our Lord and our Blessed Mother. I felt so alive and loved. It was truly hard to come home. I went there in May, 1988 and hope to return there again before the appearances and messages end.

June Brown- New York, USA

Elsie Phellyn

I’ve never been to Medjugorje, but my brother has been 2 times. He brought back to all our family, friends,and everyone he meets, the stories of the miracles he witnessed there. After my brother’s first visit there, my husband was dying of cancer and my brother witnessed to and helped my husband so much to prepare for his death. It was a beautiful experience!

Rosemary Skinner

I have never been to Medjugorje. The opportunity never arose for me as I was raising our family of six!

However, I truly believe these messages with all my heart. Although I don’t commit myself to all of the things Our Lady has asked, I do try to do some of them.

Rosemary Skinner- New York, USA

Mary —

I was gifted to visit Medjugorje in May, 1988. I had a great spiritual awakening upon contemplating the cross on Mt. Krizevac in my evening prayers. A light flashed at the site of the Cross at that moment in a cloudless blue sky, brighter than any camera flash! It immediately came to me that Mary always brings us to Jesus and especially with Her at the foot of the Cross. The soul who seeks this Mercy will never be refused!

Ann Krampen

I’ve heard Our Lady’s messages at Fatima, Lourdes, and Medjugorje. I believe She is truly appearing there and in other places.She is telling us, among other things, of the LOVE She and the Triune God has for us and how much THEY truly want us in Heaven with THEM! YES, GOD IS ALIVE AND WELL!. YES, She needs our prayer and penance to fight the devil. MAY GOD’S WILL BE DONE.

Ann Krampen- New York, USA

Andrea Augustine

I have had a devotion to Mary, God’s Mother and mine since childhood. A statue of Our Lady in my church still stands in the same spot where as a child, I would talk to Her and ask Her questions. She always answered me by “shaking Her head” yes or no! I always went to Mass growing up, and attended daily Mass as an adult for years. One day at 12:10 Mass, Lena Shipley was there. I didn’t know her personally but knew she was going on a trip to Medjugorje. I asked her to wear my “crucifix ring” as I could not afford to go myself. It was my ring that changed on that trip.Many people told me that it meant this or that! I felt it was God showing me His love for me, as Fr. Shamman agreed! Mary has brought me to know Him and love Him more, losing my fear of God Himself. I have taught 8th grade religion at my parish for 30 years and sing in Church. I always talk to my friends, family and children of Mary’s LOVE and Her importance in our world. I thank God for giving us His Mother and for Today, at this conference, being one of my many spiritual experiences.

Love~ Andrea – New York, USA

Gail Lohr

She(Our Lady) has taught me to trust that good will win and that I can be a light for someone else. I learned today, at the Finger Lakes Marian Conference, that I need to spread the messages and I will.

Gail Lohr- New York, USA

Eleanor Yunitis

I have never been to Medjugorje, but always excited to hear all about it! After today, at this conference( Finger Lakes Marian Conference), I feel like I have been there through technology, hearing and seeing the messages presented .

Jane Stalica

I just came from Medjugorje. I love Our Lady!

Jane Stalica- New York, USA

Beverly Benassi

I work for a flower shop and we have a religious section. I have talked to many people about our Blessed Mother and our Lord and Savior,Jesus Christ. We are the light and messengers in this world. We need to go to Heaven and bring as many people with us as possible. Jesus has already won the battle aainst the devil. He holds the Keys. The devil has already lost. We need to spread the message of truth. Keep the Faith.

Beverly Benassi- New York, USA

Jamie O Mara

I’ve heard prayer, fasting, and penance for years. But today, at this conference(Finger Lakes Marian Conference), this message has new meaning. I feel I am called to greater prayer, fasting, and greater penance. Thank You!

Jamie OMara- New York, USA

Clara Francesch

I have always prayed to Our Lady and today at this Finger Lakes Marian Conference, I felt like I was the only one here and I felt that way all day!

Clara Francesch- New York, USA

Jennie Luciano

Messages of Medjugorje have made my religion more relevent and understandable. Also has given much improvement that my life needed.

Jennie Luciano- New York, USA

Jeanette Attardi

I am a firm believer in Medjugorje!

Jeanette Attardi- New York, USA

Sam Samick

The messages are wonderful amd we always love the apparitions. What a beautiful blessing for all of us! Thank You Lord and Blessed Mother.

Sam Samick- New York, USA

Gina Suffredini

I had no intention of attending today’s conference( Finger Lakes Marian Conference), however Our Lady had other plans for me. My first day without obligations woke me very early with one of my first thoughts of Our Lady and Her messages. Procrastinating the weeding I had planned for today found me heading to the shower only 45 minutes before Mass was to begin! Walking out to my car, I noticed 3 beautiful roses blooming from my bush among the overgrowth! Listening to the messages of Our Lady was where I was meant to be and what a spiritual and moving day it has been.

Gina Suffredini- New York, USA

Anonymous –

I believe our Blessed Mother is trying to keep us close to Her and to Her Son. She has a mother’s heart. Her mantle of love surrounds us every second. Mary is my role model. She inspires me to be more like Her Son, Jesus.

Marylyn Ianiri

My first name Marylyn is spelled on purpose, great devotion from my grandmother, to aunt, to me, to niece! SHE is always with our family!

Marylyn Ianiri- New York, USA

Jean Mrzywka

I believe in the messages of Medjugorje and I will use the To the World Queen of Peace Message CD at our prayer session and at our Catholic Daughters of America meeting.

Anonymous –

Our Lady has been a major role model for me and has helped me through many hardships in my life. I am not very close with my earthly mother and I have found a relationship with Mary, to make up for what I felt was lacking when I was raped and couldn’t look at men. I could always pray to Mary. She restored my faith. She also carried me through my 3 miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy. I will never loose faith when I am remembering Mary and Her messages.


New York, USA

Geraldine Mc Gloon

I listen to the messages and truly believe. I love to hear about what has happened to people as a result of the miracles of Medjugorje.

Geraldine McGloon- New York, USA

Mary Jepsen

Our Lady and the messages of Medjugorje had a profound effect in my own mother’slife. She became a quiet soul, who enjoys the lives of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Her heart is always open. Most of all, she has become a prayerful person. She became a Eucharistic Minister, volunteers at the food pantry, provides rides to the elderly, sharing God’s love for human kind.

Mary Jespen- New York, USA

Jane Stephany

I truly believe that Our Lady, like always, is striving to make aware to all in the world, the urgency of returning to God. We are so lucky, so fortunate, to have such a caring Mother.

Jane Stephany-New York, USA

Louise Smith

Mary has inspired me through Her messages and the praying of the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Louise Smith- New York, USA

Anonymous –

The messages make me very aware of all my purposes here on earth.

Marte Liddell

Our Blessed Mother’s messages have brought me closer and closer to our Lord. They have brought me through several very difficult periods in my life. They have helped me grow in faith and hope.

Marte Liddell- New York, USA

Maria Winnicka

I have been intrigued about Medjugorje ever since I heard about it in 1985, from a mother and daughter visiting from California. They had stayed in Rome, Italy where I stayed for a while. I believe Medjugorje is a physical place which Mary chose to give messages to people how to live to achieve eternal life.

Maria Winnicka- Pennsylvania, USA

Anonymous —

There have been several things presented today at the Finger Lakes Marian Conference, either verbally or visually that have surfaced in my life over the last several months. I had heard of today’s program sometime back but had forgotten about it until I read the paper last night! This morning, I decided to attend at the last minute. I have been drawn here and now I must figure out why. Thank You.

James Cargneni

This has made me more prayerful.

James Cargneni- New York, USA

Barbara Koczent

I first heard of Medjugorje through my cousin. She had visited there and the love that enveloped her, her glow brought me to Mary and Her special messages. Thank You, Mary for caring for us!

Barbara Koczent- New York, USA

Judy Young

My life changed~ my heart~ my soul changed. I “now believe” that HE is the only way to get to Heaven. My mother was buried on 6-25-1981, so Our Lady of Medjugorje is very important to having peace with my earthly mother’s death. I know that she was taken up to Heaven @ 7:20pm with her hand in Our Lady’s Hand.

Judy Young- New York, USA

Darlene Duprey


My connection with Medjugorje goes back to 1987 when I first heard that Our Blessed Mother was appearing there.  Being a mother with three young children, I never thought that I would ever be able to visit there, so when I heard that a friend of mine was going, I asked if he would bring our wedding rings there so that our marriage could blessed by Our Lady. From that point on,  I felt “driven” to learn everything I could about the events taking place there and the messages that Our Lady was giving us, but more importantly, I  tried to live the messages, praying the rosary and attending Mass daily.  I have been very fortunate,  my husband and I have now visited Medjugorje four times. Once we were even able to bring our three children there with us.  I was asked to join The Queen of Peace Apostolate, an organization with a purpose to make known the Messages of Medjugorje.  During the past twenty years I have helped to organize several Marian Conferences in our area, assisted in creating a website with Her messages (,  help to produce and distribute an online monthly newsletter (The Via Ad Pacem), and help organize a yearly Mass on the June 25th Anniversary of her first Apparition. My husband and I  have produced a DVD “The Most Holy Rosary in Medjugorje” combining visuals we took on our last pilgrimage and messages given by Our Lady, to meditate on while praying the rosary. We were also privileged to work with Jerry Morin and provide visuals for one of his songs, “Live the Message.” Because of the “fruits” I have experienced in my life, I have no doubts that she is appearing and that Medjugorje is the “spiritual heart of the world.”  I believe we all need to focus on living the messages that she has been giving us for the past thirty years and continue to make them known throughout the world.


Darlene Duprey- New York, USA


Sylvia Doderer

I’ve been to Medjugorje 9 times and each time has been filled with different gifts and graces.  It is always an inspiration to see the crowds at Holy Mass and Reconciliation, experience the hospitality of the villagers, and enjoy the beautiful mountains, the sunsets and bright stars.  I’m convinced that Mary is truly present there in a special way and is calling all to return to her Son.  I have never experienced anything contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church.  I miss the wonderful peace of Medjugorje.

Janet Wehrly

I was in Medjugorje in 1997 and I believe Our Blessed Mother appears there every day.  I have tried to the best of my ability to follow Our Lady’s messages and to spread them to anyone who will listen.  I have been truly blessed by Her and Our Lord with a wonderful husband of 32 years and 5 beautiful children.  Thank you Mother for coming to all of your children through Medjugorje.  Praise be Jesus and Mary! 

monica rodriguez

I have tried to live the Medjugorje messages for a couple of months now and I am a new person. I feel called to serve the Lord outside of my family life and i will pray that the Lords will be done through my life. The biggest (or smallest) changes that have occured within me have been the Grace of the Holy Sacrament. Please pray for me. May our Lord and our Lady bless all of you!

Joseph Schroer

Medjurgorje is a place of peace for me.  I first went to Medjugorje on Sep. 12, 1989.  I went there because of my Father’s wonderful trip there–Nov. 1988.  What I experienced with my eyes was terrific–many manifestations of God’s love.  However, being in Medjugorje brought me closer to Our Lady and Her Son, Jesus Christ.  At the end of my first trip to Medjugorje,  I said to myself–God loves me.  I have been to Medjugorje 3 times but the first time was special.  Thank you Gospa for touching one of your sons–prodigal at time and thank you Jesus for dying for my sins.  Medjugorje was and will always be the highlight of my life.

Kathy Tapp

Nine of my family traveled to Medugorje in 1989, a novena of family members! A niece received the grace to return to confession. I myself was able to place my own daughter, Bridget, into Our Lady’s hands. She had cystic fibrosis. Bridget was not physically healed, but she herself became a witness to all of us as she lay dying. Mary was with her when she was called home on December 17th, 2001, the first day of the Chritmas novena. Some of Bridget’s last words were “Jesus, Mary, Joseph, I love you save souls!” Our Lady keeps her promises! Bridget was faithful in praying the rosary. The 15 promises of the rosary are so consoling to me. Our Lady brought us to JESUS throught the Rosary. Bridget went into eternity after receiving all the Sacraments. Our priest was with us when she died. She died in her own bed with all of us around her . We were singing and praying the rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I felt like we were helping to “birth her into heaven.” I felt the labor pains in my heart. Thank you Mother Mary for the gift of a holy death! Whenever I miss my daughter, I think of Mary at the foot of the cross. I thank Jesus for His death, and that He gives meaning to our suffering. I believe in the Resurrection, that our family will be reunited someday in heaven. 


Donna Machala

God Bless all that Servants To The World and Jerry Morin are doing.

I went to Medjugorje in 1987. I was 26 years old at the time. I am 51 years old now. My husband and I have four children, the youngest is 21 and the oldest is 26 years old. Our Lady of Medjugorje saved our souls! All of our children, three boys and one girl go to Sunday Mass every week, they all wear the Brown Scapular, and they all pray the Rosary with me and my husband every evening. If our children are home at 3:00 they pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet with me and the Stations of the Cross. I know this is a Blessing from God. They grew up listening to Jerry Morin music. Jerry came to Houston, Texas to give a talk about Medjugorje and sing his songs. I was pregnant at the time with my fourth child, but had not gone for a test at the doctor yet. My friend asked Jerry to pray over us after the talk was over. Jerry was very kind and put his hands on our heads and said a prayer. Not long after Jerry’s talk I went to the doctor and found out that I was pregnant. My daughter was born on November 22, 1991, the feast day of Saint Cecilia, the saint of music! My daughter’s middle name is Marie. The Blessed Mother has helped us all these years with the rosary and fasting to get through everything we have to deal with in this life. Thanks to The Eternal Father for sending our Mother Mary to save us!

I just wanted Jerry and his wife to know all their efforts to spread the message back then did SO MUCH GOOD! I AM PRAYING FOR SERVANTS TO WORLD MISSION DAILY. The new books have inspired me so much! I will keep watching on the web.

God Bless all of you,

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